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News and rumors about NBA free agency and how it might impact the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors’ Offseason Tied to Jarrett Jack

With the 2013 NBA Finals concluded, the whole league has now entered the offseason. The Golden State Warriors must decide where they stand with Jarrett Jack if they wish to capitalize on the success of the 2012-13 campaign. The Pacific division is in somewhat of a state of flux given the uncertainty with the Los Angeles Lakers.  In the event Dwight Howard bolts in free agency, the Purple and Gold must come ...

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Capped Out Warriors Options For Depth

Guest Writer: Jesse Scardina After capturing the country's heart during a surprising second-round playoff run that saw the Warriors push the mighty Spurs to the brink, it's going to take some top-notch cap finagling to maintain a deep, successful team that hopes to contend in what could be a wide-open Western Conference in the coming years. One of the top knocks on this Warriors club was its lack of depth — ...

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Dwight Howard’s Not So Golden State

As recently as last week, word leaked out that the Golden State Warriors were on the list of teams Dwight Howard was considering signing with in the 2013 offseason. Although this might be cause for excitement in the Bay, it’s probably not happening. If it feels as though the Warriors have been here before, it’s because they have. With the prom rapidly approaching, the prospective prom king mentioned a littl ...

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Golden State Warriors’ Bright Future

The Golden State Warriors made a huge playoff splash and with their season now over they must shift their focus on retooling the roster and looking at the future. The Dubs exceeded 2013 playoff expectations by reaching the Western Conference semifinals and taking the San Antonio Spurs to six games. The Warriors accomplished this despite the absence of Brandon Rush for the majority of the season. Hence, Mark ...

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Warriors Land Carl Landry

As first reported by CSN Bay Area's Matt Steinmetz, the Warriors have acquired the services of power forward Carl Landry. It is a reported two-year, $8 million deal with a player option coming in the second year. With Golden State's desire to increase their front court depth, Landry has been linked to the Warriors for several few weeks now which doesn't make this signing all that surprising. Along with Jarr ...

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Warriors Sitting Out Free Agency?

Whether one agrees with the moves of the Brooklyn Nets or not, their activity so far in the 2012 offseason has to be commended. Indeed, they have taken several steps to have their team dominate NBA headlines as we impatiently await for the season to resume once gain November. And let’s be honest here, they have made some substantial moves that could put potentially help them land a top four record in the Ea ...

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Warriors Win Kwame Brown Lottery

In a shocking turn of events, the Warriors win the 2011-2012 Kwame Brown lottery. Much like the lottery of ancient Greece where the winners were sent into the labyrinth to be food for the Minotaur, the Warriors have come out on top. When pressed for comment, the prior winners, just before the announcement of the move to golden state, had this to say.... "I wouldn't speak to Kwame Brown to spit on him, he is ...

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DeAndre On His Way?

After seemingly striking out on Chris Paul and also missing out on Tyson Chandler, the Golden State Warriors are on the verge of signing restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet. Matt Steinmetz has the story: The Warriors are poised to sign center DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet worth approximately $40 million over four years, according to multiple sources. The offer is expected to come Sunda ...

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