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NBA draft player profiles, scouting reports, Golden State Warriors lottery position, ping pong balls and contracts.

Dream Chaser: Japeth Aguilar

A few weeks ago, I made the trip over to the Warriors practice facility in downtown Oakland to sit in on the open tryouts that the Santa Cruz Warriors were holding. The gym was packed with 40 or so hopefuls wanting to take the first step towards achieving the ultimate dream of playing in the NBA. But before playing alongside the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant, they would have to do enoug ...

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From Michigan State to Golden State

On Tuesday, PistonPowered.com’s Patrick Hayes (@patrick_hayes) gave us his thoughts on Warriors rookie Draymond Green after getting to watch him during his playing days at Michigan State. While he may not be expected to perform as well as first-rounders Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli, the 21-year old from Saginaw, Michigan was the one who stood out the most to me at this past Monday’s introductory rookie ...

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Monroe vs. Udoh: Better isn’t “Better”

With 6:07 remaining in the game, a hedging Greg Monroe bumps into a dribbling Monta Ellis (whistle sounds). With 4:30 remaining, a hedging Greg Monroe bumps into a dribbling Monta Ellis (whistle sounds). Look, Greg Monroe’s brilliant young career does not completely consist of knocking knees with undersized shooting guards, but I cite this snippet to illustrate a point: Monroe needs work on the defensive en ...

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On Stephen Curry and Rudy Gay

A long time ago, I asked Stephen Curry: “Is there any player who you’d love to play with and love to have on the team? One particular guy?” Stephen ignored the who’d/whom error and quickly said, “Rudy Gay,” as though the choice was obvious. I asked, “Rudy Gay?” with a cadence that betrayed holy incredulity. Curry responded: “Definitely. Leave it at that, Rudy Gay.” He didn’t exactly leave it at that. There ...

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Klay: Too smart for GSW’s own good?

Filed under: I did not like this pick. Klay Thompson has been a high riser in the draft and it's literally not hard to see why: The kid plays a beautiful game, he moves with a loping grace that conjures Brandon Roy memories, and the shot can get wetter than dying polar bears. Klay does this while making many a notable court-intelligent decision, choices that likely, heavily influenced Jerry West's selection ...

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Warriors at the Draft

With the NBA draft just about a month away, now is as a good a time as any to start looking at prospects. More importantly though, we want to get a feel for players that the Warriors might want to target to help the team improve next season. In order to do so, I turned to Lucas Shapiro, a scout for Dime; who is usually my go to guy when I require information about upcoming prospects. Enjoy the Q&A. Two ...

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ESS: Benching Curry for his Sins

Stephen Curry did not play well against the Phoenix Suns, and that’s likely why the Warriors lost. And Steph was bench-ridden for much for much of the fourth. From the post-presser: ESS: “When you sat (Curry) in the fourth quarter, was that a teaching tool, when you were benching him? Or was that a basketball strategy? Keith Smart: “Anything I do is a basketball decision. I just don’t pinch people for no re ...

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