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Interviews with prominent Golden State Warriors players, coaches, media

WarriorsWorld Podcast – Episode 1

WarriorsWorld is happy to announce that we have started our very own podcast to add to the site, giving you, the faithful readers another avenue to consume information about the Bay Area's lone basketball team. The weekly show will be hosted by fellow writer, Jordan Ramirez and myself. For our debut episode, we brought in the "upper management" of WarriorsWorld -- Del (the Joe Lacob of the site) and Sheed ( ...

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Stephen Curry: New Ankle, New Kid, New Team

Stephen Curry met with the local media today at the Warriors' practice facility in downtown Oakland after the second of his scheduled four-day workout. Curry addressed a wide variety of topics ranging from his ankle, Don Nelson, the Lakers, fatherhood, contract extensions and even the San Francisco Giants' Melky Cabrera (he didn't say anything too shocking - someone just asked him about it). Here are some q ...

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GSW: It’s a frequent timeout

Last night, the Warriors were down two to the Blazers, with the clock dwindling. Jamal Crawford launched a jumper (no surprise there), and Udoh grabbed the long rebound, his momentum carrying him towards GSW's basket.  From this point, the Warriors had no plan. There were less than ten seconds to go, Ekpe looked ambivalent as a possibly open Brandon Rush streaked to the hoop. Timeout, from the bench. You pr ...

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Preaching Coaching

Mark Jackson likes to move. Perhaps this is why he's away from a studio, away from the announcer's chair. The game compels him to bounce up and down the sideline as though invisible giants are volleying him about with tennis rackets. Wait, did I say "racket" when I meant "racquet"? Anyway, that reminds of just how much yelling Mark Jackson does as he patrols his area. If coaches do this in spurts, Jackson's ...

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Lacobapalooza: Interview

Lately, the Warriors owner has been open like Biblical interpretation (Is Job’s story really just a predictive metaphor about Warriors fans?). Over the course of our interview, I think Lacob spoke more words than Cohan's ever said--to anybody. Here's what I culled from a talk that went over the salary cap... On the rumblings about another (possibly Ellison-owned) Bay Area NBA squad: ESS: There’s been talk o ...

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Joe Lacob Interview: Biedrins Conversation

When I met Warriors owner Joe Lacob, I did so with roiling insecurities that could melt stomach butterflies. I’m poor for reasons I get, he’s impossibly rich from a business beyond my grasp. At the handshake, I noticed Lacob’s gleaming watch. The sparkling time keeper snickered at my 97' Escort station wagon--the car with a super-glued side-mirror and unglued transmission. The rich are different than you an ...

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Let Biedrins Foul

(Interview snippet) ESS: “Jeff Van Gundy has advocated for adding a seventh foul. Would you endorse that policy?” Andris Biedrins: “Oh ya...(chuckling) that would be great! That would really help me out!” ESS: “What about an eighth?” (Andris stops laughing. He pauses, and in a manner almost wistful, cites a sport that doesn’t really exist: AB remembers Summer League, the surreal place where victory is worth ...

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Interviews: Lee and Biedrins fight for a ball

I have a theory on why Andris Biedrins and David Lee aren’t shooting with their usual efficiency, though--as you'll see in the quotes below--the two bigs aren't backing it. My thesis: Lefties Lee and Biedrins are colliding on tip-ins from the same basket side, causing bunnies to go netless. Both players are accomplished offensive rebounders who grew up in systems where they were singular in that aptitude, s ...

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