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Golden State Warriors fans talk back about the team. Warriors forum messages moved to the blog to showcase the insight and passion of warriors fans.

Top-5 Game Winners of the 2013-14 Season

Game winners are fun. They count the same as 115-92 victories, but the excitement garnered from a well executed dagger is one of the great feelings the NBA produces on a nightly basis. Sometimes, your team is on the opposite end of one which, conversely, produces one of the emptiest feelings the NBA has to offer. But, if you're lucky enough the possession arrow points to your team's side and the basket is d ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: Things A Little Too Quiet In The NBA

Today was a surprisingly quiet day in the NBA. Other than the Lakers hiring a new coach and Shelvin Mack signing a deal with the Atlanta Hawks, everyone waits for the next big move to happen. It wouldn't be a complete day without mentioning Love and there was some new news about him earlier today. Love has chosen to withdraw from Team USA. According to his agent, he doesn't want to risk getting hurt while a ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: Another Day Of Kevin Love Talk

The Golden State Warriors had another quiet day, as everyone in the NBA continues to wait for any new developments on Kevin Love. The Warriors have been in the chase for Love since the off-season started, which is why most fans are growing impatient with the situation. Warriors fans are split on the Klay Thompson dilemma, should they keep him because he can play on both ends of the court? Or do they risk it ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: LeBron James Dominates The Headlines

After a few quiet days in the NBA, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are inching closer to their decision. Earlier today it was reported that Anthony will return to the New York Knicks and James might be making his way back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. While both those reports were not confirmed, it definitely seems likely to happen in the coming days. This will finally create a domino effect for the rest of ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: What’s Next For The Warriors?

With each day passing, the frustration only grows. Yet another slow day in the NBA and we can only hope that Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James finally make a decision soon. The NBA Summer League in Las Vegas will begin this weekend, so at least we will have some basketball to talk about in a few days. Our Warriors World Forum continues to speculate what moves could be on the horizon for the Warriors. Check o ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: NBA Still Waiting On Melo and LeBron

The NBA season couldn't get here any sooner. NBA free agency is dragging along, mainly because everyone around the league is waiting on LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to make a decision. When these two superstars finally make up their minds, some teams will be very disappointed they couldn't land Anthony or James, but they will quickly turn to their back-up plan and pursue other free agents. Waiting for t ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: Where Will LeBron and Melo Land?

NBA free agency is at a halt because everyone is waiting for LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to make their decisions. If Anthony and James decide to sign with a new team, it will send the rest of the league into a frenzy. The Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and New York Knicks are the favorites to land Anthony, but the Knicks are the rumored leader. Doesn't seem James is leaving Miami, but crazier thing ...

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Warriors World Roundtable: Reaction to Shaun Livingston Signing

Thoughts on Livingston deal? Danny Leroux: While some may gripe about the size of the contract, it is a strong signing for the Warriors. Primary ballhandlers are extremely important in today’s NBA, as we saw with a Spurs team that always plays one and usually two of them. Except for the one Jarrett Jack season, the Warriors have basically only had Curry his entire Warriors career and suffered the consequenc ...

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