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NBA Summer League 1-on-1: Festus Ezeli

Festus Ezeli was selected with the last pick of the first round in the 2012 NBA Draft. He wasn't a popular name, but his selection assured the organization (and fans) that the team recognized its need for a formidable center to backup Andrew Bogut. Ezeli showed promise with stout interior defense, his ability to block shots and subsequently, filling in the role he was drafted for earlier than many thought h ...

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NBA Summer League: What’s In A Streak?

Many discount the validity of summer league. It's natural. Amongst those playing, very few will become a productive, contributing member of an NBA team. Some do, and there are plenty of players who if not for their summer league performances (See: Anthony Morrow) would not be where they're at today. Players gain experience, coaches stay sharp and fans get the chance to see the NBA's youngest up close and pe ...

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2014 Summer League: What To Watch For

The Warriors are title contenders! No, this isn’t the regular season, it’s summer league, but the Warriors are royalty in July. They’ve been host to some legendary individual performances. They’ve won 14 straight games dating back to 2010. They’re the defending champions. The Warriors are the San Antonio Spurs of the summer, hopefully one day transferring that level of success to the regular season. For now ...

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Report: Festus Ezeli Out For Summer League

Festus Ezeli is out for Summer League with right shin inflammation, according to Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group. Festus Ezeli out for summer league with right shin inflammation. — Diamond Leung (@diamond83) July 8, 2014 Ezeli has been recovering from right knee surgery stemming from an injury occurring on April 17, 2013 against the Portland Trailblazers. The surgery " was necessary to reinforce bo ...

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Writers Roundtable: Warriors Off-Season Projections

One Trade to improve the Warriors this off-season? Danny Leroux: Acquiring Kevin Love. The Warriors would like to do this without Klay Thompson because he is their best asset the team would consider trading but I sincerely doubt the Wolves ship away their franchise player this summer without Klay being a part of the deal. Assuming Klay gets included eventually, I would like to see Zach LaVine come to the Ba ...

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3×3: The Highs and Lows of Mark Jackson

1) High point of Mark Jackson's tenure with the Warriors? Sam Esfandiari: The December 2012 road trip highlighted by a win in Miami.  Picking the playoff upset of Denver seems like the obvious choice, but that road trip was really the point that the league took notice of the Golden State Warriors.  The more casual bay area fans started to get excited about the Warriors again.  By January, Oracle started to ...

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Andre Iguodala wants Klay Thompson to get the Max

Andre Iguodala has been Klay Thompson's number one fan since they became teammates last summer.  Iguodala routinely praised Thompson throughout the 2013-14 season and spoke about getting Klay more shots in an effort to secure a bigger payday during the summer. Iguodala appeared on Sirius XM radio earlier today and again showered Thompson with praise along with making it clear that the Warriors shouldn't tra ...

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3×3: Warriors Draft Busts and Disappointments

Biggest draft bust in Warriors history? Jesse Taylor: The biggest? Just one? That’s like asking me to pick my most annoying family member. Or the most exasperating CEO of a Silicon Valley start-up. Nearly impossible to settle on one.   The Warriors draft ineptitude goes all the way back to 1953 when they took Ernie Beck #1 overall as their territorial selection. Drafted ahead of three future NBA Hall o ...

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