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Monta to Milwaukee, Andrew to Oakland: Two Years Later

March 13th will mark the two-year anniversary of the Golden State Warriors’ most consequential non-draft personnel move of the last decade: the Monta Ellis trade. Let’s rewind the tape a bit to get a sense of where the Warriors were then, and then fast-forward a bit to see where they are now. The Warriors’ 2011-12 season was tumultuous, to say the least. It had been several years since the raucous heights o ...

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Catching Up with Some Old Friends: Ex-Warriors Around the League

There’s really no high-minded purpose to this article. Sometimes it’s fun to simply find out what some of our favorite—or least-favorite—Golden State Warriors of yesteryear are up to these days. And there’s a long list of lovable headcases and goofy role players kicking around the league who used to don the blue and gold. Let’s catch up with some of them! (The first of these players are, selfishly, listed i ...

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Thank You Bazed God: Kent Bazemore and Other Summer League Superstars We’ve Loved

Let’s look at a couple of video clips. First, here’s Oakland’s favorite cheerleader-raconteur Kent Bazemore taking it to the rim in NBA Summer League play. He spies an opening, and uses a frighteningly quick first step to reach the hole, where he absolutely destroys the rim, triggering a rally that culminated in a Warriors win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzy1C8M5tPM Next is Bazemore in a similar positi ...

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