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Does Monta need to flop?

Monta dominates the ball, but never the line. OKC’s two guard is a foul-seeking missile. Ellis is third in the league at 19 field goal attempts per game but is merely 19th overall at 5.5 free throws per night. Contrast this with another two guard, James Harden. The bearded foul sponge shoots nearly half as many shots (10.1), yet notches 6.4 FTAs per game--good for 10th in the league. It’s not even that Hard ...

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GSW: It’s a frequent timeout

Last night, the Warriors were down two to the Blazers, with the clock dwindling. Jamal Crawford launched a jumper (no surprise there), and Udoh grabbed the long rebound, his momentum carrying him towards GSW's basket.  From this point, the Warriors had no plan. There were less than ten seconds to go, Ekpe looked ambivalent as a possibly open Brandon Rush streaked to the hoop. Timeout, from the bench. You pr ...

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Curry prefers point

Quick clip here. Stephen Curry was somewhat of a bystander (3-10, 8 assists) as Nate Robinson ran point against the Blazers. Since Curry can certainly produce as an off-guard sniper, I wondered after which role he preferred, and if he had a preference at all. Something to note going forward, in terms of future possible GSW moves: Curry prefers PG. Follow @SherwoodStrauss ...

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Klay and Lin

Another game, another strong performance from Klay Thompson. Jerry West's guy went 4-6 against the Suns, 5-10 against Houston, and 8-11 against Denver. The kid's showing out. Klay Thompson came out of school with a dubious statistical resume. Beautiful as his jumper flew, deft as his use of screens was, he never shot over 40% from behind the college arc. Shooting defined his NBA appeal, so this was a concer ...

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Udoh and Rush on Improvement

The faint musk of Warriors optimism is in the air. Winners of three straight, (finally) conquerers of a Suns team that's a "who's who" of "where's he been these past few years?" GSW is not quite in legitimate playoff contention yet, but they are reaping the recent benefits of a helpful bench. "Bench" is obviously lower status than "starter," so it is incumbent on young backups to improve. With that in mind, ...

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A look back at Jeremy Lin

The Warriors clearly erred in cutting Jeremy Lin, though this error did not seem so glaring at the time. The forgivable decision was connected to the unforgivable use of an amnesty on Charlie Bell, in pursuit of Deandre Jordan’s shadow. So focused was I on the waste of an amnesty, that I did not bother to consider the waste of a player. The amnesty-nixing was so harmful to future Warriors plans, that it ren ...

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Warriors Quotables

(Assorted on and off topic GSW quotes from a night at Oracle) Mark Jackson Post-Game ESS: (In reference to Biedrins) What does it mean to start a guy when he doesn't get as many minutes as his backups are getting? Does that mean he's still the best guy between all of them? Mark Jackson: It means you're just the guy who's not playing as many minutes as his backup. That's all it means. I don't think too much ...

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Who is Stephen Curry?

The Utah game was blessed by a fantastic Stephen Curry performance, a real 29 and 12 Nash imitation. Or was it Chris Paul? Curry made a typical CP3 move in the first quarter, when he jutted his butt to keep a trailing defender at bay. The result was a swish, courtesy of a seemingly effortless wrist flick. Many of the post game questions fixed on the synergy exhibited between he and Monta Ellis, but Monta is ...

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