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Joe Lacob should ignore the boos, facilitate horrible play

The boos came justifiably, resulting from recent decisions, resulting from the a multi-decade history that reads like an incompetence instruction manual. And to those outsiders who school-marmed Dubs fans for booing: BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is not your scene, please pontificate elsewhere. The last thing I need to read is an another East Coast media tut-tut over how GSW fans should comport themselves. If you're ...

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They will always love Monta Ellis

It happened on Saturday, but bears repeating: Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh played their first games as Milwaukee Bucks against the Golden State Warriors, of all teams. Fans had no adjustment time, their first glimpses of Ellis and Udoh in opposing uniforms occured at home. Shocking as the sight of both in red and green was, I was more surprised to hear Oracle in full-throated support of Ellis. This same crowd ...

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The night Ellis & Udoh returned while never having left

Dominic McGuire on the Ellis/Udoh trade: "Hey, I ain't got no say so, but I was happy with my goons." This was an awful showing by the Warriors, but it felt very much in the background. In the foreground, there was a cathartic end to the Ellis era. Though Monta may have wanted out, the Oracle crowd greeted him with a reception befitting Jason Richardson, a victorious emperor, or possibly if Jason Richardson ...

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Spaced Out Warriors

The Warriors recently got scraped by the Memphis Grizzlies, and much of the post game talk revolved around how the team failed in the aggregate. It was a lack of effort, a lack of focus. I couldn’t help but wonder: Was it a lacking lineup? I mean the starting lineup specifically, that clunky Naismith insult in the form of Ellis-McGuire-Wright-Lee-Udoh. This unit was a -25 in a game the Warriors lost by -18. ...

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Dominic McGuire is a perfect zero

Dominic McGuire was the man of the hour in last night’s narrow victory over Atlanta. He grabbed 15 boards, made life difficult for Joe Johnson--insofar as life can be difficult for so wealthy a dude. This isn’t what I loved most about McGuire’s performance, though. My favorite aspect was, “one shot, zero points.” In a perfect world, Dominic would have taken no shots. His layup try looked like a badly failed ...

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Curry vs. Ellis: Choose already

The Warriors may be fearful of parting with talent on account of Jeremy Lin. If time and a little system tweak turned Jeremy into Linsanity!, then imagine what the right team could do for Monta or Steph. But. They have. To choose. More now than ever, as the March 15th trade deadline walks briskly towards us. Choosing is more important than whom they choose. The Warriors are a franchise detrimentally addicte ...

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Udoh in, Andris out, sea change possible

Udoh in, Andris out. And the feeling is something between “Yes!” and “Finally!” Andris did not play due to “flu-like symptoms,” so his spot was taken by a younger, hungrier character. Mark Jackson has not confirmed the change, but he also won’t deny it. This is notable because Jackson often vociferously defends his starters, publicly making them sound like tenured professors at Ball So Often University. We ...

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