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Can Stephen Curry be the greatest three point shooter ever?

I'm tempting a shooting slump here, so sorry about that. There probably isn't a best time to broach this topic, so it might as well be now. Stephen Curry is not merely a "knockdown shootah" as Mark Jackson might put it. He's not merely a guy who can hit the three really well. If his early seasons are any indication, Curry has a fantastic chance at becoming the best three point shooter of all time. Actually, ...

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Lob City No Match For Two Guys Take All These Threes Province

The Warriors are so good that it's disorienting. I'm trained to do autopsies, and it's much harder to explain why life occurs. I believe it has something to do with Mitochondrial DNA, not hedging hard on screens, a stork, and an unselfish offense. Tonight, it specifically had something to do with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson going a combined 11-17 on threes. The Warriors dominated the (also, oddly good) ...

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Golden State Warriors Have it All

Let's talk about how this roster has much to flaunt, in honor of this now viral Monta Ellis video where he compares himself favorably to Dwyane Wade: "Monta Ellis have it all" is a great motto for life, if not fine slogan for GSW's gestalt in his absence. The Warriors may not be "deep" in the traditional sense of sporting a complete bench, but they boast a guard and a big who play better than most starters. ...

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Lakers vs. Warriors: The Best/Worst Game I’ve Seen

Did it sting? Did you love how much it stung? Feel the pain, because that throb means you're actually invested in this team for once. Warriors vs. Lakers hurt GSW fans like few losses have, because not much has mattered here for awhile. The pang of losing was all the more amplified by the atmosphere and emotion involved in this particular, odd 1/82 slice of the schedule. Laker fans are legion in Northern Ca ...

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The New Defense and Tired Curry

The Warriors beat the Hornets, albeit in an ugly fashion. You could call the win "unimpressive" while marveling at how Warriors fans can shrug at a victory these days. GSW was beset by another shooting slump from Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, but David Lee's offense and the team's overall defense compensated for a lack of backcourt shooting. I've been keyed on the defense in particular, as the Warriors h ...

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Stephen Curry: Space Guard

Stephen Curry did not have the best game against a Miami Heat team wholly consumed with stopping him. When Miami fixes on a guard of questionable athleticism, it triggers what little sympathy I have. LeBron is so frighteningly large, fast, and crouched. Yes, crouched. James is a human being, but by crouching during speedy movements, he achieves the appearance of monsterdom. Humans do not get low and skitter ...

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Getting Curry back to baseline

I'm studying Stephen Curry's game for as long as we're graced with its presence. It's difficult to talk about Curry because every sentence is weighted with the worry that his ankle will melt into the Oracle floorboards. He's here right now, though not quite shooting at his formerly high levels. It could all be much ado about small sample size, but I find Curry's shooting drop (he's currently .418 from the f ...

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Chatting Nets-Warriors

Want some insight on GSW's opponent from the guy who covers them best? We did a question exchange with Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game: Devin on the Brooklyn Nets Ethan: Is Brook Lopez now underrated, or is this just small sample size theatre? Is he about to dance all over what remains of Andris Biedrins? Devin: I absolutely think he's underrated by the select few that view him through the "can't def ...

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