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A Little Warriors Perspective

The Warriors are an average team. Not bad. Not great. Average. The offense--until these past three games--shoots well enough to be among the NBA's better units. The defense is between average and mediocre. The D is predictable because GSW's big men can't hedge. The offense can't get to the rim. We know this. We've known this. Andrew Bogut provided some hope that Golden State could elevate to an elite level, ...

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Golden State’s Wing Problem

Will the Warriors make the playoffs with performances like this? Probably. Will they last long in the post season? No way. — Fast Break (@GSWFastBreak) March 9, 2013 Rockets-Warriors was an entertainment cut above Kings-Warriors, that's for sure. Golden State also played better against a better opponent.  The tendency exists to overreact to whatever happens in these final, few, stressful games, so let's kee ...

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Can the Warriors fall?

The Warriors are on a winning streak, but the last 2 games have hardly inspired confidence. While the Raptors are at least semi-competent, the Kings are not. In fact, Sacramento came into Oracle dragging basketball's worst-ranked defense. The result? They shut Golden State down. The Warriors hit 36 percent of their shots and had only 10 more field goals than turnovers. Toney Douglas stuck to Curry like a ca ...

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Stephen Curry can do all things, so give him the ball

We just witnessed the greatest regular season individual Warriors performance. Though Golden State didn't win, Stephen Curry's net-melting 54 points will endure for decades in our collective memory. If not, it's only because the future yields such a mind-tingling addictive social media platform that all knowledge but the present gets blotted out. Thankfully, our currently addictive social media platforms ju ...

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Jarrett Jack God Mode is Real

I throw the term "Jarrett Jack God Mode" around a lot because it's real. It's not necessarily about Golden State's Sixth Man acting as some sort of regular dominant basketball force. After all, were he a consistent basketball deity, he'd be a superstar and not a role player. No, Jarrett Jack God Mode is about a man transcending himself for brief, incredible stretches. It's about a bench player who owns thes ...

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Warriors won the Bogut trade, struggling to incorporate Bogut

There are these moments when Andrew Bogut provides the kind of defense that hasn't been seen here in decades. Though Ekpe Udoh was an awesome defender, he just wasn't quite the destroyer Bogut is. Last night against Phoenix, Bogut unleashed his typical confrontational blocks, swats that fly right back towards the faces of opponents. His 11 boards, 5 assists and 3 blocks were helpful, but I didn't need them ...

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How do you feel about Andrew Bogut’s dark honesty?

The Rockets won and Andrew Bogut was angrily blunt. Last night reminded me of 10 days before, when Bogut sat at his corner locker, before a game against the Suns. He was affable, funny, engaging. It was pre-Warriors nosedive, so the Oracle atmosphere was suffuse with giddy. Then, when asked about what he could bring to the team, Bogut plainly pointed out that he could, "Catch a little bit better than Fez (F ...

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The Warriors have looked terrible: What does it mean?

When I envisioned the Warriors with Andrew Bogut, he was added instantly, like a final, composition-changing ingredient. I've been cooking a lot with okra lately, thinking all the while that I hoped Bogut would be the transformative force on the Warriors that the vegetable is to stews. You don't throw okra in at the beginning; You toss it in at the end. Upon arrival, the plant secretes mucilage, a thickenin ...

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