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Warriors are happy with the playoffs except they aren’t

Sports are funny because they traffic in joy while simultaneously sending the message that only one, ultimate accomplishment matters. Today, the Warriors can celebrate their triumph over expectations in nabbing a playoff spot. Tomorrow, they can't simply be satisfied with doing just that. After the game, Lacob told media: "We're gonna win an NBA championship here. I guarantee it." He was speaking about the ...

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Does it mean anything that Golden State lost to Utah?

Sometimes teams just lose. Pretty boring, right? Certainly makes for a dull recap. The Golden State Warriors lost to the Utah Jazz on Sunday night. Maybe it's because Utah hit 11 three pointers. Or maybe it's because GSW's three point defense was so lax as to give up easy looks. Maybe it's because refs weren't calling off-the-ball fouls, thus allowing the Jazz to stymie GSW's off-ball screens. Maybe it's be ...

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The Mark Jackson Doctrine

Few believed in the Mark Jackson hire. Many doubted that a first time coach could be effective. So what did Jackson do at his introductory press conference? He boomed, "You might as well latch on to the back of the bandwagon." That's how he is. The man has a steadfast belief, and a steadfast belief in belief. The power of positive thinking is alive in Oakland--and it's chirping. Mark Jackson's different fro ...

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Should the Warriors get weird with David Lee?

Something happened in the Portland game, and it was glorious. We see it every so often, but not as often as we could or should. It's a reminder of a dormant quality, one that might propel the Warriors to new heights. Witness David Lee grabbing a board and conducting the break like a maestro. See how confused the opposing bigs are, soak in how amusing that fan's Carl Landry flex celebration is. She's roaring ...

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Warriors are Headed for the Playoffs (Again)

Baron Davis skulked into the Warriors locker room after Monday night's victory over the Lakers. "New locker room looks nice," Baron announced to himself. I don't believe I'm projecting when I say he sounded wistful. If you've ever visited an old house or apartment, you know the feeling. There is a specific pang of nostalgia that comes with confronting how the once familiar has changed in your absence. Joe L ...

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Is Stephen Curry a star yet?

When I went on Steve Berman's podcast, Steve mentioned our reflexive reluctance to discuss positive Steph Curry developments. Smart guy, that Steve. This is a true observation, when it comes to discussing the oft-injured, oft-great Stephen Curry. There is a pervasive, superstitious sense that a Curry compliment might be so strong as to bend his ankle into an "L" that presages many an "L" in the standings. A ...

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Warriors Ride “The Elevator”

Stephen Curry revealed that one of Golden State's favorite plays is actually a pretty cool metaphor. As Jacob Frankel has demonstrated, the Dubs like to run Stephen Curry between two teammates at the free throw line. His teammates close up after Curry squirts through, thus creating a siamese twin double-pick for Curry's above-the-break 3. GSW ran this action in their win against Detroit, and while it result ...

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Warriors win with defense, David Lee on the Sloan paper

Golden State has long had an issue on defense, but this year promised to herald a new era. The Dubs were a top 10 unit early in the season without Bogut, which seemed to bode incredibly well for when he returned. Instead, the Dubs slid substantially in January and February. Their strategy of having bigs sink towards the paint on pick and roll left the team vulnerable to the skip pass and open three-pointers ...

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