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Mock Draft: Pick 6

Six ranked for the sixth spot, let’s do this… 1. DeMarcus Cousins This is my favorite scenario for so many reasons, on so many levels. And in so many words, here's why I love it: When a new player gets drafted we fans instantly conjure the best possible outcome. Well, the Cousins ceiling rests atop a cloud, even if he currently need an exorcist. This pick also appeals to a darker side of the Warriors fan: P ...

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Losing Lotto: Knee Jerks

•    Thanks for winning those games, Nellie.  At least Don combed his hair for the late season franchise-bludgeoning victories. I guess. •    Speaking of stretches untanked, the NBA should go back to the old system where every playoff team has an equal lottery chance. Why incentivize tanking? And if a 13th ranked team gets the first pick, so be it. Problem solved, no more porter potty baths for season ticke ...

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Stumbling on Wins: The Right Stats

By Sherwood Strauss What a day to be writing up the coolly logical “Stumbling on Wins.” In the wake of CavsFAIL, there are sure to many overheated reactions. LeBron haters will cite the awful loss as proof of some abstract “LeLoser” quality. Lakers fans surreally will inject themselves into yet another needless conversation as the “debate” fueled sports media squeals with glee. The Kobesters will trumpet th ...

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Team Death: Age ain’t nothin but a blunder

by Sherwood Strauss The Thunder are done, but they leave us with a lesson: Experience is highly overvalued in the Playoffs. Though announcers  want to brainwash you into thinking the Playoffs are some magical world, where defense matters more and character is revealed, that's not so. The Playoffs are basketball games, contests the better team tends to win. There's no magic veteran pixie dust that pulls a sq ...

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Playoff Stuff: The Kobe Rules

By Sherwood Strauss Way back when basketball was more like football, Sam Smith wrote "The Jordan Rules". It was a book about the Detroit Pistons' quest to ground Air Jordan via physical intimidation. They applied a different set of "rules" so as to hinder MJ's talents. In contrast, the "Kobe Rules" come from mainstream sports media—not from Bill Laimbeer's elbow. This dog-eared volume of basketball legalese ...

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ROY Rage: Defending Curry

By Sherwood Strauss I’d favor Tyreke, and it’s pretty damn close.  The choice should be made for the right reasons, though. Upon watching “Inside the NBA,” I fear the stupid. Longer term, I fear for Stephen Curry’s rep. No one likes to admit it, but Kenny Smith is a force of dumb when it comes to NBA commentary (Hey, I enjoy him--I just don’t respect his knowledge). And no, I don’t care that he played the g ...

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