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The NBA isn’t poor, it’s okay to make Morrow rich

Hey, remember when David Stern used an unproven loss of 400 million dollars to tighten screws on the players union? Stern played the pauper during a gilded All Star extravaganza. Since then, the NBA has grown either rich or deranged—maybe both. The League’s books aren’t open, we can only speculate. So I’ll spitball this: When Amir Johnson is getting that Goldman Sachs scrilla, basketball must be in decent e ...

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Will Udoh Bust?

Will Ekpe Udoh be a bust? EU certainly doesn't measure up well in Hollinger's draft player rater.  Below I listed Udoh's projected efficiency next to that of two, perhaps, more palatable picks: ...

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Ekpe Udoh Night

The weather was bleak, a greying sky that bore no contrast to Oracle’s concrete corrosion.  Inside the stadium, far too many fans bubbled with far too much enthusiasm.  After eons of Cohanese water torture, legions of Warriors supporters persevere like three-eyed fish near a nuclear plant. They simply won’t die, no matter the circumstances. Many have said that sports mean more on the East Coast. That’s a lo ...

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Warriors Draft: Best Case Scenarios

This is the season for speculation and rumination. Foolish dreaming is the only remotely positive aspect of Warriors fandom, aside from Oracle’s proximity to decent taco trucks. Today I’m listing the best case scenarios for each pick. Later this week, I’ll chart the doomsday version. Wesley Johnson Prime: 22 pts, 9 rebs, 2 blks, 2 stls We dance at the chance to cheer yet another Kahn botch.  Too bad Wes doe ...

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Kevin Love for Anthony Randolph? Yes?

By Sherwood Strauss The Warriors have reached a verbal agreement with their fans “not to suck.” No word on the exact terms, something about Oracle, Maui, and Tim Kawakami getting bored. In the meantime, I'll speculate on a trade rumor that will likely hang till draft day. I’m a huge Anthony Randolph booster, defender, damn near sycophant. I’ve never seen a talent quite like him, and I’ve never seen a talent ...

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Jobbed: Anthony Randolph and Kevin Love

Love and Randolph are linked in trade rumors, and it makes cosmic sense.  Two players, screwed by comical talent squandering, brain-melting irrationality. Just thinking about either situation makes me crave an aneurism.  Or an NBA front office job. Anthony Randolph: The Weeping Pogo Stick Minute thieves: Mikki Moore (seriously?), Chris Hunter (who?), Vlad Rad (!), anyone over 6-2 ...

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So many white coaches, so few coaching slots

by Sherwood Strauss Forgive a slight detour from Warriors draft rants. I was listening to the hilarious Disciples of Clyde Podcast when their discussion of Patrick Ewing’s coaching prospects chafed my chortles. The DoC guys expressed dismay over Ewing’s meager chances and asked whether GMs are reluctant to hire black non-guards. I’d like to parse the data on black guard coaches, but the sample size is ridic ...

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Don’t Trade the Pick

Attention, the great Adam Lauridsen has done some eeeenteresting analysis. Mr. Legal broke down selections in the 5-7 area from the last 10 drafts. Love the idea and allow me to piggy its sturdy back. By Adam’s reckoning, this particular strata has yielded results: “On average, 2 of the 3 players picked in the 5-7 range have something to offer their future NBA teams.” ...

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