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Stephen Curry Redux

Before I die from the Concord heat, before my hair melts through the scalp and into the brain, I want you to have this arbitrary Summer content. Back in the Spring, I interviewed Curry and it was a fun experience all around. Couldn’t help but be taken aback by the surreality of this opportunity, and how it placed me on the other side of this experience. Here's a mini time capsule. Can’t wait for real games ...

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Goose lets loose: Warriors at fault for injuries?

Andris Biedrins raised questions about the Warriors medical staff, albeit tacitly—and in Latvian. I'm not saying Biedrins is right to eschew GSW medicine, but who can blame him? Warriors players get hurt while getting hurt. I'm not faulting the medical staff, but it would be reasonable for Andris to take his tendons elsewhere. And it would also be reasonable for Warriors management to try a different avenue ...

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Hyping Lin is not a Sin

Jeremy Lin isn’t the Warriors future, but he’s likely the future. What I mean by that is, we shouldn’t expect another 50 year Asian American drought. Basketball is expanding, its orange rubber tentacles blanket the nation from which Lin’s parents departed. And that’s decent. The game should grow—new places, new faces, new styles. I chafed at Casspi fetishization the same way I sneered at everyone else on my ...

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Outside Look at Wojnarowski’s LeBron Article

Tell me Adrian Wojnarowski's great, I’ll blink twice and say “you could be right.” I come to this space not to impugn his body of work, career or character. The state of sports journalism is what consumes, not any particular interest in a single reporter. I think. There’s so much rumor that we lose track of it all. We fix on a titillating morsel of “sources say” like hyenas on a corpse--only to quickly move ...

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No sale yet, Randolph regret

(One minor note: I'm finally using my full name, not that any sane person should care. I wanted some distance from an old NBA PR job, but those days seem long gone. Might as well go full government name.) Eventually, when we’re all old and I’ve grown a gray Baron beard, someone will purchase this mess. The worth shall inherit the meek. I have no clue why the David Lee for Anthony Randolph deal happened, or ...

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The Defense: No Defense

If the Warriors defense was dead, now it’s in hell. Guard-Stephen Curry Guard-Monta Ellis Small Forward-Reggie Williams Power Forward-Vladimir Radmanovic Center-David Lee If Nellie springs this five at any point next year, l might laugh up bile-soaked vomit. And would vomited laughter be less of a medical curiosity than Dubs defense? The Warriors are headed for D so absent, it's unserious—even if sanity nix ...

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Adam Lauridsen Emails: Anthony Randolphed

(Last time I exchanged emails with the San Jose Mercury's Adam Lauridsen, a possible sale was in order. Well, Cohan's still here and Anthony Randolph isn't. The conversation begins yesterday--right before LeBron annoyed the world--and ends this morning.) Sherwood Strauss: Perhaps a cathartic WW.net email exchange is in order? Adam Lauridsen: Oh yeah. SS: Okay, first email. Doesn't it feel as though we have ...

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On David Lee and Defense

David Lee trade rumors are flying but it’s hard to buy the hype. Warriors management is likely doing what fans dally in: Impotent window shopping. At least that’s what they damned well should be doing—lameducks shouldn’t be raising ducklings. Lee has been a comically bad defender despite all that brilliant guidance from Eddy Curry and Starbury. His brand of defense is the absence of it. David’s the napping ...

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