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Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut on positions and perceptions

With all the talk of physical this and "playoff foul" that, I wanted to focus a bit on how position and role impacts perception. Fans are constantly squabbling over who's "soft" and who matters in this series, so I figured it'd be a good time to ask Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut about how their roles influence how they're viewed. For expository, Marcus Thompson reported that Nuggets players were taunting C ...

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Warriors Must Flop to Stop Cheap Shots

Don't back down! Be man! Don't be soft! Many players and fans believe in this ethos, especially when applying it to "playoff basketball." Me? I've always  found softness to be a winning bet, and its antithesis to be a sucker's game. Dirk Nowitzki's style was considered soft till he won a championship. The "soft" aspects of Chris Bosh's game scare defenses out to the perimeter, exposing them to LeBron's brut ...

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Warriors are not better without David Lee, but…

The Warriors are not better without David Lee, but Lee's injury may have caused them to stumble upon a way to get better. Confused? Well, allow me to un-bewilder. As we have discussed in these parts, playing Harrison Barnes at the 4 is the fun future we should all embrace. In this series, such a tactic can pay off wonderfully because Denver lacks large power forwards who'll kill Barnes' defense. Against, sa ...

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TV Ratings: Are the Warriors getting popular?

The Sports Business Journal released some local TV Ratings figures, and it seems the Golden State figure has fattened. While the publication cannot release overall viewership rankings as of yet, they can divulge that the Warriors jumped +92% in TV viewership this year. That placed the Warriors with a 2.90 per capita TV rating, right behind the Knicks and Celtics. It's a dirty secret that basketball lags far ...

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With David Lee down, Warriors must return to Nellieball

David Lee is out for the playoffs with a torn right hip flexor. This brings doom, gloom, and a potential 4-game broom. In a vacuum, the injury is awful news for an already thin team. There is opportunity in destruction, however. Something may be gained by GSW resorting to guerilla tactics. Mark Jackson has been averse to using a small frontcourt. I don't have many criticisms of Jackson, but this is one of t ...

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You want Ty Lawson to guard Stephen Curry

If Ty Lawson is to play a lot, Denver will have to hide him defensively. Though quick and sturdy, his slight height and sluggish closeouts make for quite a Nuggets vulnerability against Stephen Curry. This matchup is more than a problem for Denver, similar to how Bogut's pained, slow, feet mean more than a problem for the Warriors at altitude. After studying the four regular season games between these two t ...

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Nuggets in 7

That's the prediction, sorry to say. And while I usually root for my predictions, out of sheer intellectual vanity, this time it's different. This time, there would be nothing sweeter than seeing Oracle in all its howling glory, sending off the Nuggets in a Game 6. So I hope I'm wrong. Hope is often different from expected outcome. The expected outcome is that Denver will run a gimpy Andrew Bogut off the co ...

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The Wrath of Thunder

This wasn't so much a game as it was a searing reminder of asymmetrical power.  Sure, the Warriors could have played better three-point defense, over-extended themselves less often towards dribblers and died on fewer screens. That would have certainly helped make this less of a blowout. But on a night like tonight, what does it matter, really? When faced with so inexorable a force as Kevin Durant on his gam ...

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