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Read Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew

That’s the message here. Thoroughly enjoyed Bartholomew's outside look from within the Philippine Basketball Association. He threw himself into the windy question I’m forever obsessed with: Why do certain sports get popular in certain cultures? Also, much of what happens in the PBA is odd, hilarious, and unbelievable to those who would balk at balut--us philistines to Philippine mores. We don’t get sportswr ...

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David Lee: No longer got five on it

For years, Lee hasn't had "four" years. He's been masquerading as a "five." I'm positionally agnostic, I believe that coaches place too much stock in the idea of fixed court roles. But consequences come with being your squad's biggest big. As the "center" Lee was often forced to play the other team's Frankenstein. It wasn't all bad for undersized Dave. He got to slip screens and slither around ogres like an ...

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Season Win Total: Realities

Follow the 2010-2011 Warriors, step onto an unmarked train. Who knows where this new roster is headed? Who knows what to expect from Keith Smart--he might jump out of a cake at your birthday. Perhaps he’s sitting behind you, shaving his head, using your laptop’s reflective powers. Here are some early predictions for the 2011 Dubs: Kelly Dwyer, Yahoo: 21 wins Jeremy Britton, Wages of Wins: 50+ wins John Holl ...

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Can Curry help Ellis?

Big credit to Sebastian Pruiti for sifting the dregs of Warriors game tapes. He comes up with real insight and the entire post is well worth reading/viewing. Additional thoughts: Yes, Ellis and Curry can play together. And the current Ellis-Curry-Wright/Williams-Lee-Biedrins lineup might even make the playoffs. The Warriors could do better than paying Ellis eleven million to be an undersized two-guard. Curr ...

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Don Nelson: A Eulogy

If you loved Nellie, if you’d prefer the Nelson coaching eulogy to be reverent and tasteful..cover your sweet doe eyes.This hindsight is unscrubbed, because eulogies should be honest historical renderings--not overly sensitive schmaltzings.This hindsight still sees Vlad Rad at center. Mikki’s skinny frame still gets scoped--hindsight glowers as passes bounce off Moore’s mitten hands. With infrared vision, h ...

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Monta must grow backwards

Virtue raises children, donates money, acts morally, that much I know. Virtue wins games? That much I don’t, though it is the operating assumption of almost any athlete-based article: “Michael Vick’s playing better since he stopped killing dogs! All hail redemption!” I won’t psychoanalyze Monta Ellis, it’s not in me to understand him. I can’t comprehend some of my closest friends, let alone fit them into na ...

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Wildcard No. 1: BWright back?

(I'm profiling the big three unpredictable factors for this upcoming Warriors season. Today, the focus is on a forgotten man) Brandan Wright. He still exists. He still looks like a sad Dracula. His shoulder still slumps atop his arm, waiting to explode all over some unsuspecting baseline. In this Summer interview, he mentions the possession of “unbearable potential,” which is either a malapropism or Freudia ...

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