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Curry’s ankle lives! Biedrins lives!

And the WarriorsWorld forum exists to the fullest. The picture above is from that forum--a teeming, rich conversation that evolves behind the front page door. Talk is unrestrained there, so I can’t fault a “here’s the pic of curry’s broken ankle” head line. In freeze frame, the foot bent at an elbow’s angle. Hard not to give up on an ankle that soft. If it walks like a duck... Once the picture leaked onto T ...

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David Lee: Follow the fellow’s brick road

Yeesh, a lot of missed outside shots above this sentence fragment. David Lee went 1 for 11 against the Suns. Though I try to wring preseason for all the predictive truth it might hold, I feel like a cop interrogating an innocent: Detective Strauss: Tell me if the Golden State Warriors will suck! (Pounding the desk) Dammit, I know you're hiding something! Preseason: I don't know anything (Quivering). I swear ...

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Curry at the point of mixed returns

Monta articles are colliding into each other like hypothetical math problem trains. One from Steinmetz speaks to reform, one from HoopsWorld speaks to discontent. And whenever Ellis speaks, Curry dominates conversation. Some articles posit that a happy Monta is better for the Warriors. While that premise makes sense, I’m not sure how smiles translate to GSW better putting a sphere through a ring. Whatever M ...

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Introducing the Randolph Regret Index

David Lee's (Assists+Blocks+Points+Rebounds+Steals) - Anthony Randolph's (Assists+Blocks+Points+Rebounds+Steals) Because a GM’s résumé is glued to whom he casts away. To trade a young lottery pick is to seal that kid’s future under the résumé’s lamination. So much of Larry Riley’s legacy is out of his hands now. If Anthony Randolph turns into Josh Smith, “Larry Riley” turns into the pejorative. If Anthony R ...

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On the Warriors and 49 wins

At Open Practice I asked Keith Smart if the Warriors could reach or surpass their 2010 Basketball Prospectus SCHOENE projection of 49 wins. Marcus Thompson snorted laughter and Matt Steinmetz smirked bemusement. I’m surprised they didn’t haze me with “The Dougie,” or at least snidely reference the last two decades. And Keith Smart? He’s not dwelling on stat predictions, or even nodding at the numbers: KS: I ...

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Open Practice: Talking with Lee, Curry, & Smart

What I took from Open Practice at the O: 1. The Warriors have fewer shooters and feel they must compensate with greater ball movement. 2. They still want to run a fast pace. 3. Way too many people showed up. Scientists should study the Bay Area's unrequited NBA love affair. My goal in questioning Keith Smart's crew was to flesh out just how it’s different this time. Every team will chirp about getting bette ...

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BP 2010: It’s on Keith Smart

I’m burning dark oil, hunched over a copy of 2010 Basketball Prospectus. It’s a bunch of stupid crap, written by geeks who don’t know real stuff about basketball, so they just stare at a computer all day like losers, maybe they should WATCH THE GAMES. Just kidding, it’s fantastic and worthy of obsession. And the people who love me are but annoying impediments to my reading this thing, may they find other so ...

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