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Smooth’s Starting 5- Tobias Harris, Brooklyn, Evan Fournier’s emergence, Birdman in South Beach and C.C. at the Garden

By: J.R. Smooth Tobias Harris is legit The last thing long-suffering Milwaukee Bucks’ fans needed was to see one of the best players in their team’s recent history get moved in a trade deadline deal so they could win-now, as opposed to later. The only problem is they’re not winning now. And they likely won’t be later. When Milwaukee decided to move Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb, and Beno Udrih to the Orlando Ma ...

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A View From The Cheap Seats at Oracle

By: Jesse Taylor My first NBA game at 12 years old was an upper-decker. November 13, 1986. My uncle was a huge Dr. J fan and got tickets to see his last game in Oakland as part of his farewell retirement tour. I tagged along with my two cousins for the memorable night. This was back when each team made a big ordeal for NBA stars in their last seasons. At halftime, Dr. J sat at midcourt in a throne, looking ...

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2007 vs. 2013: The Good, The Bad and The Biedrins

By: Jesse Taylor Two times in 19 years. That’s life as a Warriors fan. Two playoff appearances since 1994. When things take place that infrequently, it merits comparison between the episodes. Like Lindsay Lohan comparing those two times she’s been sober. 2007 and 2013. Two Warriors playoff teams. A team of choir boys. A team of bad boys. Two versions of Andris Biedrins. The Good, The Bad And The Biedrins. H ...

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Exclusive Q&A: Klay Thompson Gets Defensive

By: Jesse Taylor Most clichés are cliché because they’re true. Like “hard work pays off.” How does Klay Thompson, who came out of college with every draft analyst listing “defense” as a weakness (and I mean “every” – find one who didn’t) and who looked lost on that end of the court during his rookie year, become one of the best defensive shooting guards in his second NBA season? Hard work. Like most, coming ...

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Smooth’s Starting 5- JR/Carmelo, Hibbert/West BFF’s, Gallo’s injury and more

By: J.R. Smooth The New York Knicks are streaking – J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony leading the way The New York Knicks are on a tear. After a mini four-game losing streak during the middle of March, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks have rolled off twelve-straight – including road victories at Utah, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and Oklahoma City. New York’s average point margin during its streak? 12.3. They’re not ...

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Steph Curry’s Game – Quarter by Quarter – With Heat Maps

By: Scott Horlbeck As we all know, Steph Curry is having the best season of his young NBA career. Averaging career high’s in both points (22.6) and assists (6.8) per game, and shooting career high’s from both the three-point line (45.5%) and the field (44.9%), Steph is having a monster year. But instead of dissecting mounds of advanced metrics that everybody swears they understand unless they were in court ...

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NBA Players and Their Acting Counterparts

By: @GSW_JesseTaylor This article won’t tell you what a great season Stephen Curry is having. It won’t break down whether David Lee’s offense outweighs his defense, if Klay Thompson can learn to finish at the rim or how Andrew Bogut’s presence may propel the Warriors into the second round of the playoffs. What it will do is help pass the time if you’re bored at work, tired of talking to your family or can’t ...

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Smooth’s Starting 5- Steph Curry or Ty Lawson? MJax underrated Head Coach? Warriors-Nuggets Playoff Series

By: J.R. Smooth As many of you know, I am based out of Denver, Colorado. If it seems strange for a Warriors blog in San Francisco to welcome a writer who specializes in the Denver Nuggets to write a weekly feature, it is. With that said, my readers in the Bay Area can take this week’s edition of Smooth’s Starting Five as a token of my appreciation for allowing me a seat at your table. There’s not enough bei ...

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