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The Mirror Effect: Warriors and Spurs

By: Justin Faudree People keep saying the beginning of San Antonio’s reign was based purely on luck. If a single ping pong ball didn’t fall their way in 1997, they wouldn’t have any rings to showcase how smart they’ve been as a franchise over the last decade-and-a-half. This is troubling for a couple reasons. First of all, San Antonio knew the percentages (all smart teams do) going into the 1996-97 season. ...

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Revisiting Thursday night – The night Oracle became more than just an arena

By: Scott Horlbeck Special. I think that’s the best way to put it. “Waaaaaaaaaaarriors. Waaaaaaaaaaaarriors. Waaaaaaaaaaaaariors. Waaaaaaaaaaaaariors.” As the haunting chants echoed through every foot of the Arena, the players sauntered out onto the court for one last goodbye. Like gracious students at the retirement of their favorite teacher, the players began to clap, radiating emotion with each and every ...

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Warriors Inbounding Struggles

By: Scott Horlbeck My roommate said something really interesting during Sunday’s game 4 between the Warriors and Spurs. I didn’t think much of it at first because my roommate says a lot of things – most of which would probably get him sued if he were on air. But for some reason, this comment stuck with me. He said: “If the Spurs want to, they can not let us get the ball inbounds.” I know, it’s not the best ...

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He’s the right coach for this team

Mark Jackson has his weaknesses, and his Warriors threatening to crash the Western Conference Finals. By: Ragnar Carlson Some questions get a bad rap. Here's one: "Mark, there's been some criticism of your strategy down the stretch in close games. Have you seen any of that, and if so what are your thoughts?" Dead in the water. There is only one appropriate response to this sort of query, and Golden State Wa ...

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A Couple of Questions for Mark Jackson

By: Scott Horlbeck I used to talk back to my mom when I was little. I was a smart ass, and it drove my parents nuts – especially my dad. Whenever I did it, he would shoot me this terrifying glare and I’d freeze. It was like an antelope spotting a cheetah in the distance. There’s that two second pause, and then BOOM, you're off and running. I never really knew where I was going. I just took off once I saw th ...

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How the Warriors can win the series

By: J.R. Smooth How will San Antonio defend Golden State’s 3-point shooting? San Antonio was the NBA’s 12th-best team at defending the three-ball during the regular season (based on raw-percentage), giving up the league’s fifth-fewest attempts. The Spurs finished with the third-ranked overall defense. One reason why is because they surrendered the fifth-best eFG%, at 48% (for an explanation on how effective ...

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Re-Living Game 6 of the Warriors-Nuggets series

By: Scott Horlbeck 1.  Before Wait, David Lee is active tonight? I thought he couldn’t walk??? What does Mark Jackson have up his sleeve – hopefully not PED’s. I know some people didn’t love David Lee's 90 second cameo, but I got it. It had nothing to do with x’s and o’s. It was a human thing. It was an empathy thing. It was, “This could be the last time our All-Star, fan favorite and team leader gets the c ...

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  Although injured and done for the season, David Lee is still competing for something this season.  Lee is a finalist for the Kia Community Assist Award for his continued outstanding work off the court.  Here is some more information about the award and how Warriors fans can support Lee by voting for him. The Golden State Warriors announced today that forward David Lee was named a finalist by the NBA ...

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