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Coolhand Luke & Tre Eightman

How long have you been a Warriors fan? We have both been fans since we were fresh out of the womb, but got hooked during the J-Rich era (despite the ugly unis). Fav. Current Warrior? Why? Coolhand Luke: Captain Stack Jack because he goes hard in the paint and harder in the stands. Tre Eightman: Anthony Morrow because he has persevered even though he went undrafted and has crooked teeth. Fav. All time Warrio ...

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Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld

<p><strong>&nbsp;Warriorsworld.net hooked up with Eric Pincus, Senior Writer at Hoopsworld.com to get his thoughts on a few Warriors related topics. </strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Warriors Season Outlook</strong></p><p>The Warriors are a hard team to peg.&nbsp; My outlook on them is that I can see them winning 25 games or 45 ...

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Nellie/Cuban Talk With Mike Fisher of Dallasbasketball.com

Warriorsworld.net hooked up with Dallas sports personality Mike Fisher to discuss the saga of Don Nelson and Mark Cuban WW.NET: When Cuban Bought the Team in 2000, he kept Don Nelson on as coach, why did he choose to keep Nelson at that time?Nellie (and Donnie and the rest of that inner circle) were quite certain they were going to get canned; that's the standard operating procedure, right, is that ...

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The NBA released the Warriors 2009-2010 regular season schedule today, click HERE to check it out. Warriors open the season vs the Houston Rockets @ home followed by a visit to Phoenix to play Amare Stoudemire and the Suns. October = 1 Home/1 Away November= 6 Home/ 8 Away December= 6 Home/ 9 Away January= 9 Home/ 6 Away February= 9 Home/ 3 Away March= 7 Home/ 9 Away April = 3 Home/ 5 Away- Warriors end thei ...

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How long have you been a Warriors fan? I have been a Warriors fan all my life, I am born and raised in Oakland, CA and the Warriors were the only NBA team I ever watched in person growing up. Fav. current Warrior? Why? My favorite current Warrior is Andris Biedrins. I love the way he goes about the game, and he remains a major inside presence for our team. I love a player who can work hard and put their hea ...

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What are your thoughts on the Warriors organization? Well I'm not familiar with all the people and everything going on, the ramifications and if you're not there on an intimate basis it's pretty hard to make an observation from the outside. There's a lot of disarray and things going on there for many, many years but I want nothing else but to see the organization be successful. Mainly because I love the fan ...

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Q&A With Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal Constitution

For those who may not know you, give us a brief introduction about yourself. My name is Sekou Smith I cover the Atlanta Hawks and the NBA for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Been here since 2005, before that worked for the Indy Star, left there a month after the infamous Pistons-Pacers brawl. Watching this franchise evolve from the crapper to the playoff team for the last 2 years, I cover it, blog it, twe ...

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Warriors Fan Feature: DJ Backside

How long have you been a Warriors fan? Probably since my first game, around 1988ish. Fav. Current Warrior? Don't really have one...Haven't had one in a while, but if I had to choose Azubuike or Ellis Fav. All Time Warrior? Why? Probably Chris Mullin. He's the only big time Warrior I’ve ever met in person really. I just remember his basketball camps that my brother always did. Fav. Moment? Most recently when ...

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