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Trades and Cap: Monta back?

By Sherwood Strauss What happens now? What happens to Monta? These questions baffle me as this hellish season jaunts toward an oddly entertaining phase. Not sure who can beat the Cavs, but what I am sure of is this: It’s impossible to grade trades without knowing a team’s future intent.  That’s why the Clippers moves are unjudgeable (I’ve created a new scrabble word!).  Either they’re clearing cap space for ...

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Why does Curry play better than he is? Does this mean he’ll be better than he is?

Stephen Curry book-ended All Star Weekend with his best performance followed his worst.  What was notable about the awful performance was how it didn’t look much different from the great one: The difference was merely a matter of shots falling. That might sound cliche (Duh, players look better when their shots go in), but think about some other guys in the L.  When Dwight Howard shanks his spastic embryonic ...

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Monday Morning Fresh- The Tuesday Edition

By: Rick Blaine & Rasheed Malek The All Star Break was supposed to be a quiet week for the Warriors. They had no players representing the West in the game, and in the eyes of the casual fan, this 14-37 team is regressing like a Weight Watchers client in a Hometown Buffet. Their eyes don’t lie. And for those of us who still care—those who bear what I call “my childhood curse”—it’s a wonder that we can st ...

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Monta Ellis: Sets Career High, With One Foot Out the Door

By: Sherwood Strauss ‘Somebody other than Monta has to do something!!!’ I’ve heard Fitz screech this about as often as I’ve heard him complain, ‘It’s just one of those quarters for the Warriors!’  Oh Fitzy, your at times homer laments are what get me through these tough Tolliver times.  He’s not totally wrong (just watched Monta drop 46 in a losing effort), but the passion in this refrain strikes an odd cho ...

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Larry Ellison: When will the takeover begin?

By: Rick Blaine For Warriors fans the months of January and February begin the long march to death. Not a traumatic, theatrical demise, but a slow, insipid decay.  You see, mid-winter marks the annual onset of apathy, a death all its own. Watching Warriors basketball becomes a struggle, and many just stop watching altogether, finding other diversions and developing other interests. It’s been said that ennui ...

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Monday Morning Fresh

Warriors World Maggette > Monta (This Year) By:Sherwood Strauss When I posted a defense of Steph Curry, the positive reaction shocked me.  Usually people shoot from the limbic when responding to sports writing. And I’m no great sports writer—just some dude foolish enough to etch his corneas watching GSW ‘basketball.’ Since I know the happy can’t last, I might as well pretend to willingly squander it. I m ...

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