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By: Sherwood Strauss "It is the most intimidating place to play because of the configuration of the arena... and, let's be honest... they are Mormon. They are in St Lake, and there's nothing up there. [Mormons] gotta smile and be happy all the time... and this is the one opportunity for people to get vicious in a fair arena. And the fans seem to take full advantage of it." Those are comments that a younger ...

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Warriors To Unveil New Uniforms on Draft Night?

Are the Warriors finally getting rid of their horrid uniforms in favor of some fresh threads? That's the word from 1011 Broadway as the Warriors are scheduled to unveil a new logo and new uniforms on draft night according to multiple sources. Sources who have seen the artist rendering of the possible new logo describe it as an updated version of the team logo from the Run TMC era, the new logo will be a cir ...

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Monday Morning Fresh-Q&A with Stephen Curry pt.2

Warriors World By: Sherwood Strauss Blowouts A quick recap on a too-quick weekend—though the Dallas game took forever. Mavs > Cohans The Mavericks got another sliver of revenge for 2007—though the greatest revenge is simply not being the Warriors—in an unwatchable sewage frolic. We often describe fantastic events as being “all a blur.” In contrast, I remember this Mavericks game the way a drifter might c ...

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WarriorsWorld Q&A with Stephen Curry pt.1

By:  Sherwood Strauss WarriorsWorld.net was invited to an event on Thursday which had Stephen Curry demoing Ubisoft’s new Wii video game Red Steel 2.  We caught up with Curry during the event for an interview, check it out. WW.net: Are you a big gamer, in general? I know Tim Duncan has got a little bit of a rep for that… SC: I’m a pretty big gamer, I play a lot of sports games, I’m also like that Call of Du ...

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Q&A with Adam Lauridsen

By: Sherwood Strauss I traded some emails with Adam Lauridsen, in which he divulged that he and Tim Kawakami are really the same person (and that person is Chris Mullin). I’m posting the exchange without his consent, it's better you know the dark truth. Just kidding, Adam was kind enough to wax intelligent about the world’s dumbest franchise. Here’s our chat—it starts before the sale news and ends right aft ...

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WarriorsWorld TV featuring Nio Tha Gift

WarriorsWorld TV this week features up and coming artist, Nio Tha Gift.  Nio lets us in on why Stephen Curry is his favorite player and why he thinks he could beat Curry in a shootout.  Nio also breaks down his career path which had a one of a kind starting point.  Check out the episode to learn more about the next great Hip Hop artist from the Bay Area. *Nio recently changed his Twitter account, from @thag ...

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Manic Monday in Golden State

By: Sherwood Strauss Bring on Lebron There are some big ifs on the horizon. Huge ifs. Godzilla-sized ifs.  But allow me to posit a supposedly speculative pipe dream of a wishful rumor. If Ellison buys the Warriors—and if the sale is certain before free agency—the Warriors are Lebron’s best choice. For all the ink spilled over the hopeless Clippers scenario, everybody ignored this possibility. And who could ...

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