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W’s Fan Feature-Anish Mehta

How long have you been a warriors fan? I became a Warriors fan when I was 5 and my pops bought tickets to the Warriors vs Bulls game. I got to see the legendary MJ and experienced my first live NBA and Warriors game. Fav. Current Warrior? Why? I'm going to have to give into seniority so it would be Monta. The kid is electrifying and has the potential to take over a game. However, the rookie Steph Curry is d ...

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Just Win Baby

Nellie wins the wins By:Sherwood Strauss I come at you with an apology: Saw the game, but missed the post game.  So if confetti rained down on CSN studios in celebration of Nellie, I missed it.  If Maggette set up to emotionally hug Nellie, only to lower a shoulder and flop, then I missed that too. So in a way, I missed what the Warriors wanted me to see (Nelson getting the record), in favor of watching the ...

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Monday Morning Fresh

By: Sherwood Strauss The Warriors-Raptors game was more an indictment of Jay Triano than a celebration of Nellie’s coaching career. I hate to be the bad guy, but… Who cares? So Don Nelson coached a long time and tied the most wins record. So what? He never won anything—it’s looking like he never will. Nellie says he lacked the talent, but I can’t erase the recollection of Nash and Nowitzki on the same team. ...

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By: Sherwood Strauss "It is the most intimidating place to play because of the configuration of the arena... and, let's be honest... they are Mormon. They are in St Lake, and there's nothing up there. [Mormons] gotta smile and be happy all the time... and this is the one opportunity for people to get vicious in a fair arena. And the fans seem to take full advantage of it." Those are comments that a younger ...

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Warriors To Unveil New Uniforms on Draft Night?

Are the Warriors finally getting rid of their horrid uniforms in favor of some fresh threads? That's the word from 1011 Broadway as the Warriors are scheduled to unveil a new logo and new uniforms on draft night according to multiple sources. Sources who have seen the artist rendering of the possible new logo describe it as an updated version of the team logo from the Run TMC era, the new logo will be a cir ...

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Monday Morning Fresh-Q&A with Stephen Curry pt.2

Warriors World By: Sherwood Strauss Blowouts A quick recap on a too-quick weekend—though the Dallas game took forever. Mavs > Cohans The Mavericks got another sliver of revenge for 2007—though the greatest revenge is simply not being the Warriors—in an unwatchable sewage frolic. We often describe fantastic events as being “all a blur.” In contrast, I remember this Mavericks game the way a drifter might c ...

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