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Dear Memphis Grizzlies Front Office

By: Scott Horlbeck Dear Memphis Grizzles Front Office, On behalf of the entire Golden State Warriors fan base, we’d like to formally thank you for throwing a brick through the small window you guys had of winning a title and dramatically increasing our chances of not only beating you in the first round of the playoffs, but also having home court in that series. Ever since the 2010-2011 playoffs when you guy ...

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The Klay Thompson Watch: Game #1-Klay Gets a Jaeger-LeCoultre, Not a Swatch, for his First Watch

Reader’s Note: Beginning January 29, WarriorsWorld will spend two weeks examining the play of Klay Thompson. We first performed this exercise with David Lee, expecting some up and down, polarizing play. But Lee went on to play the best stretch of games in his NBA career. In his second NBA season, Thompson, on the other hand, has been the Warriors’ most inconsistent player. You can argue that he hasn’t impro ...

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Whose Parking Spot Will Bogut Take?

By: Jesse Taylor/@GSW_JesseTaylor Let’s contemplate what it means for Andrew Bogut to return to the Warriors. I mean, let’s really analyze this. Is it possible his return hurts the Warriors? Will he disrupt the team’s chemistry? And while I’m at it, someone please slap me in the face. The only question to be asked about Bogut’s return is whose parking space will he take? We saw what happened when Chris Brow ...

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The Girl With The Curly Red Hair By The Stairs

By: Jesse Taylor/@GSW_JesseTaylor To anyone with young infants or children who think your sleep will improve as your kids get older, I’m here to point in your face and laugh at you. My son is 7 years old. Every morning at 3:30 a.m. – and I mean 3:30 a.m. on the dot EVERY morning – he wakes up yelling about needing to go to the bathroom. And it’s not a general statement either. He’s very specific in who he n ...

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Warriors in the Playoffs? A peek into April

By: Scott Horlbeck/@Scott_Horlbeck Alright, be honest – the Warriors have made the playoffs once (2006) in the last 18 years and are currently two games out (Memphis) of having home court in the West. DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! Sorry for yelling, I just found of my dog has been posing as my girlfriend for the past 14 months so I’m a little emotionally unstable right now. Accor ...

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What if Sprewell Didn’t Choke P.J.?

By: Jesse Taylor/ @GSW_JesseTaylor Chris Webber would have become the greatest power forward of all-time; that’s what I recently posted a fake Oral History about Latrell Sprewell choking P.J. Carlesimo. While writing it, I wondered, what would have happened to the Warriors if Spree never choked his coach? “What ifs” are always fun exercises to conduct, so here goes: What if Latrell Sprewell never choked P.J ...

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The Choke Heard ‘Round The World: A Faux-ral History of the P.J. Carlesimo Strangling by Latrell Sprewell

By: Jesse Taylor/ @GSW_JesseTaylor WARNING: What follows contains explicit content. It's also complete bullshit. I made the whole thing up. It’s a spoof. But it would be so dope if this really happened. Enjoy. “Strangling the very life out of somebody with your bare hands is the most violent act a human being can commit. Also, only humans strangle, opposable thumbs being a quite important part of the endeav ...

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