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Ellis plans his escape from Oakland

Sometime today, representatives for Monta Ellis and Don Nelson will sit down to discuss the future of the Warriors’ franchise player. Both sides are playing coy about the meeting’s details, but it’s likely to resemble your basic hostage negotiation (footage of the Warriors' game in Boston Wednesday night may be used as proof of life). Both sides want Ellis extracted from Golden State - now they just need to ...

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Jackson just the first domino to fall in Golden State

At long last, the Warriors have finally traded for a starter from Mike D’Antoni's old “seven seconds or less” Suns team. Unfortunately, Amare Stoudemire is still in Phoenix, averaging 19 points and 8 rebounds per game for the 9-2 Suns. Instead, Raja Bell is on his way to Oakland, for the low, low price of the Warriors’ best player. Stephen Jackson was banished to Charlotte this week, just as Jason Richardso ...

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Unhappy Jackson a familiar sight in Indiana

As Stephen Jackson attempts to escape the confines of his $13 million-a-year prison, it’s fitting that the Warriors arrive in Indiana to play the Pacers tonight. While Inmate Number One does everything short of challenging Keith Smart to games of three bullet mow mow, there is no team more familiar with this side of Jackson than Indiana. After all, the Pacers saw far too much of this from Jackson three seas ...

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Warriors’ season quickly spiraling out of control

The Warriors’ season is only fourteen days old, but the team is already beginning to resemble a kindergarten class room. Everywhere you turn, there’s something going wrong, a new fire to put out. Things have gotten so bad that they can’t even properly enjoy a win. Immediately following what’s likely to be their biggest victory of the season, several Warriors announced Monday night that they want Stephen Jac ...

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Randolph miscast as Nelson’s latest center of attention

Coming into the season, the Golden State Volcano Watch had narrowed to a sharp focus. Stephen Jackson was clearly the most likely Warrior to erupt, with Mount St. Ellis a distant second. Bay Area residents had hoped that the recently dormant Anthony Randolph had permanently cooled, defused by two recent developments pertaining to head coach Done Nelson: pending retirement and a sit-down with the Parents Ran ...

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Stephen Jackson saga hits entertaining new low for Warriors

The Golden State Warriors’ traveling circus arrived home Tuesday, marking the end of an eventful six-day road trip. The trip should have been a quick preseason jaunt through California, but Stephen Jackson used the time away from home to ramp up his efforts to escape from Oakland. In just six short days on the road, Jackson managed to: - Rack up five fouls and a technical in ten minutes against the Lakers F ...

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Warriors still making rookie mistakes

Between 1988 and 1993, the Golden State Warriors drafted a future All-Star in the first round every year.Chris Cohan took over as owner in 1994, and the team's drafting has suffered considerably, resulting in a volume approach to losing.With the NBA draft mere hours away, here’s a look back at the Warriors’ first-round draft history under Cohan, ranked from most successful to large ...

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