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Jesse Taylor writes real things with a fake name. A contributing writer with WarriorsWorld for one year, Taylor’s non-pseudonym identity has 17 years of PR and Communications experience in the NBA (Kings, Heat and Warriors), with Reebok and in the cable TV/Internet industry. A Communications major at California State University, Sacramento, Taylor’s Warriors obsession goes back to the late 80s with Sleepy and Mully.

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The Golden State Warriors Greatest Guard Ever: Steph or Timmy?

          Follow @JesseTaylor74 Stephen Curry is on his way to becoming one of the greatest Golden State Warriors in history. Over the summer, I ranked him #5 on the list of top 10 Warriors of the last 25 years, behind Baron Davis, Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin. His work this season on a playoff-bound Warriors team (no jinx) moves him in front of Davis and Richmond. ...

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Lazy Writing: Ranking the Warriors #FullSquad 1-14

            Let’s call it like it is. Making lists and rankings is lazy. It makes for lazy writing and lazy reading. Create some guidelines (rank the Warriors roster based on how well each player is doing at the time of this post), copy and paste your topic (which I literally did by going to warriors.com/team/roster) and write a short blurb about each subject. I had a 30-minute writ ...

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What’s Warriors Best Starting Squad?

All this David Lee/Jordan Ramirez #FullSquad talk has me reigniting the “What’s the best Warriors starting five?” discussion from a few weeks back. [Need to get up to speed on #FullSquad? Click here. Or Google “#FullSquad” and “Stapler.”] After losing five of eight, the Warriors have won four in a row. David Lee is nearing his All-Star levels from December 2012 and Steph Curry just had a game that brought b ...

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NBA Stories: The First Time I Encountered Michael Jordan

  As a Kings PR intern, my main game-night task was the extremely complex job of grabbing box scores off the printer and handing them to the media. While warming up the printer I heard that Dennis, the middle-aged 24-second shot clock operator, blew out his knee and couldn't make it to the game. Being that I owned the most dispensable job amongst the PR staff, I was told to fill in on the shot clock fo ...

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Andre’s Calling: Iguodala and The Clash Can Do It All

          Andre Iguodala may return from a 12-game injury absence tonight. Similar to the music of The Clash, it’s hard to find anything Iguodala can’t do (please don’t mention free throws or the “Cut the Crap” album). These are two of the most versatile entities at their respective art forms. Put Iguodala anywhere and he can succeed. • Guard the other team’s best perimeter player? ...

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Warriors Starting Lineups

By @JesseTaylor74 The Warriors are winning, which of course means I’m going to write about the times when they were awful. Mainly because I’m jealous. Jealous that these new PR guys working for the Warriors have it easy. You see, part of the job is going into each team’s locker room before the game to retrieve starting lineups from the head coach. Today, it’s the same starting five of quality NBA players. M ...

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Should We Believe The Warriors Hype?

Come on Warriors fans. Admit it. You’re nervous. I know I am. All of this optimism and hype has me scared as hell. I don’t like it. I’ve been through too much. Too much pain, going back to the beginnings of my Warriors fandom in the “Y” era - Sleepy, Mully, Terry, Joe Barry, Larry, Purvis-y. Throw in Winny and Telly too. My time as a Golden State Warriors fan is nearing the 30-year mark. The team has made t ...

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BARNES BREAKS BAD: Episode 7 – Granite State

Editor’s Note: For eight weeks, WarriorsWorld’s Jesse Taylor will speak to Harrison Barnes about each episode of their favorite current TV show, Breaking Bad, as it completes its fifth and final season. This installment covers Season 5-B Episode 7: Granite State. WARNING: These are episode reviews, so there will be SPOILERS … Jesse: One more to go. You open training camp on Monday morning. Breaking Bad’s se ...

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