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Jack Winter is a 24 year-old Bay Area import. Having grown up in Kansas City without an NBA team to root for, his Warriors fandom is complicated. He loves help defense, extra passes, and the additional efficiency of corner three-pointers. After recently relocating from San Francisco to Oakland, he's an avid and tireless defender of the East Bay. He contributes to ESPN TrueHoop sites Hardwood Paroxysm, Magic Basketball, and HoopChalk, and encourages you to reach him via Twitter (@armstrongwinter) or e-mail (john.armstrong.winter@gmail.com).

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Harrison Barnes Now Exceeding New Expectations

"Scouts have compared him to Kobe Bryant." "...they called him the most complete player to come out of high school in years." "It's been several years since I've compared a player to Kobe Bryant.  Barnes is as close as you're going to get." The above are excerpts from Harrison Barnes' prospect profile on ESPN.com circa fall 2010, courtesy of noted NBA draft expert Chad Ford.  Going into his freshman season ...

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Warriors Are Playoff Bound – That’s Good Enough for Now

As we near the midpoint of the 2012-2013 NBA season, the narrative for the Warriors is shifting.  They're still one of the league's best feel-good stories, they're still exceedingly fun to watch when their shots are falling, and they're still a relative unknown to the common fan. But at 22-12, fifth in the Western Conference, and with a 85.5% chance to make the playoffs according to John Hollinger, it's no ...

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Stephen Curry’s Negative Influence on Klay Thompson

Before the new year kicked off and the Warriors were beat and beaten down by the Los Angeles Clippers in successive outings, I wrote a brief post detailing Klay Thompson's struggles this season.  It was basic and quick, essentially noting that his poor shooting numbers and overall efficiency were being overlooked because of the awesome play of several of his teammates and that Golden State is one of the lea ...

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Warriors: Contender or Pretender?

Fresh off last night's crucial 115-94 win over the red-hot Los Angeles Clippers at Oracle Arena, now seems the appropriate time to ask the always-telling question of the 22-10 Warriors: contender or pretender? ESPN.com beat us to the punch this morning in a 5-on-5 segment that polled various TrueHoop bloggers, and a near-consensus was reached.  Golden State, the pollsters essentially agreed, is too green to ...

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Shot Locations, Offensive Efficiency, and the Warriors

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson might be the league's best deep-shooting backcourt, David Lee and Carl Landry have legitimate range to approximately 20-feet, and Jarrett Jack and Harrison Barnes get most of their offense from outside the painted area. Put in a collective context, then, it makes sense the Warriors would be among the teams that shoot least frequently from close to the basket.  Golden State si ...

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Klay Thompson’s Quiet Struggles

Almost three months into the season, the Warriors are a surprising 19-10 without Andrew Bogut and the league has taken notice.  Stephen Curry and David Lee are likely All-Star selections, Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack are legitimate candidates for Sixth Man of the Year, and Harrison Barnes' huge dunk over Nikola Pekovic in mid-November is a staple of every to-date, league-wide highlight reel. Life is good fo ...

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Draymond Green: Golden State’s No-Stats Chameleon

Warriors rookie forward Draymond Green averages 3.0 points and 3.9 rebounds in 14.9 minutes per game.  He shoots 29.5% from the field, 20.7% from three-point range, and has registered 23 assists compared to 19 turnovers in 416 minutes of playing time.  He's too slow to play on the wing, too small to play in the post, and lacks talents of nature and nurture on either end of the floor to otherwise make up for ...

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David Lee’s Surprising Development

David Lee isn't supposed to do what David Lee is doing.  Seven-year veterans with a concrete list of major strengths and weaknesses don't suddenly expand on the former and etch away at the latter at 29 years-old, a time when a player is best-case at his apex and worst-case beginning to wear down. So that the measured preseason optimism about the Warriors in 2012-2013 centered around potential improvements f ...

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