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Jack Winter is a 24 year-old Bay Area import. Having grown up in Kansas City without an NBA team to root for, his Warriors fandom is complicated. He loves help defense, extra passes, and the additional efficiency of corner three-pointers. After recently relocating from San Francisco to Oakland, he's an avid and tireless defender of the East Bay. He contributes to ESPN TrueHoop sites Hardwood Paroxysm, Magic Basketball, and HoopChalk, and encourages you to reach him via Twitter (@armstrongwinter) or e-mail (john.armstrong.winter@gmail.com).

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Breaking Down Andrew Bogut’s Game-Winning Block

Andrew Bogut isn't close to the game's best low-block scorer.  He's not the league's most prolific shot-blocker.  He isn't chiseled from granite like Dwight Howard, doesn't gallop down the floor like Serge Ibaka or possess the pterodactyl-like wingspan of LARRY SANDERS! Bogut's game, rather, is an amalgam of reliance on size, nuance, understanding and skill.  And while those traits by themselves aren't nece ...

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Warriors Rare Roster Makeup On Display in Win Over Cleveland

In a convincing 108-95 road win over Cleveland last night, the Warriors had three players combine for 78 points, 21 rebounds, 22 assists and nine three-pointers.  That type of production is hardly commonplace from any trio, but it's not shocking coming from one as esteemed as Golden State's top-three guys.  Steph Curry, David Lee and Andrew Bogut are just that talented and versatile. Only that Curry and Bog ...

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Breaking Down Two Crucial Plays in the Warriors Win Over the Thunder

The Warriors are a tough team to defend.  They're prolific from three-point range, can score in the post, boast one of the league's best pick-and-roll combinations, have bigs that can step out and shoot or put the ball on the floor, and move the ball with the quickness and precision all teams strive for.  They leave a bit to be desired in terms of dribble penetration, but that's an aspect of the offense tha ...

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Thunder at Warriors: What to Watch 4

Four areas of special interest in tonight's matchup at Oracle Arena against the league-leading Oklahoma City Thunder. Turnovers Neither the Warriors or Thunder are especially adept at forcing turnovers – the former ranks 26th in the league and the latter, surprisingly, is middle-of-the-pack at 14th.  Both are prone to turn turning the ball over when they have it at an alarmingly high rate, too.  The Thunder ...

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Deciphering the All-Star Chances of Steph Curry and David Lee

The Warriors haven't had an All-Star on the roster since 1997, when Latrell Sprewell was named a reserve and subsequently choked coach PJ Carlesimo nine months later, beginning this organization's decade-long tailspin before "We Believe" briefly ended it a few years ago.  It's seemingly over now, of course, with Golden State sitting pretty at 25-15 and fifth in the West as we've reached the season's midway ...

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Warriors 106 Clippers 99: Golden State Shows Winning Ways in Fourth Quarter Comeback

Forty hours ago, the Warriors were reeling. Trailing in the second-half on the road in New Orleans and already working on their first three-game losing streak of the season, this looked like the team we've become all too familiar with since 2007.  One synonymous with the same kind of postseason-less failure, one that can't be counted on, and one that's snake-bitten by perpetual injuries to its marquee playe ...

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Heat at Warriors: What to Watch 4

A Playoff Atmosphere This game is the second of a nationally televised ESPN double-header, features two prospective playoff teams, multiple All-Star level talents on both rosters, basketball's best player, and will be played in front of an incensed Oracle Arena crowd.  Take into account what happened when the Warriors stole a win in Miami on December 12th and the recent relative struggles of both squads, an ...

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Steph Curry’s Getting Better In New Role By The Day

With increased health would come an increased role for Steph Curry this season, and with shouldering a bigger offensive load – in most cases, at least – comes a drop in efficiency. It makes sense.  Shot creation is a skill, one that can be honed but something still closer to nature than nurture.  So when a player is counted on to score more often than he has in the past, that naturally means he'll be taking ...

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