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Jack Winter is a 24 year-old Bay Area import. Having grown up in Kansas City without an NBA team to root for, his Warriors fandom is complicated. He loves help defense, extra passes, and the additional efficiency of corner three-pointers. After recently relocating from San Francisco to Oakland, he's an avid and tireless defender of the East Bay. He contributes to ESPN TrueHoop sites Hardwood Paroxysm, Magic Basketball, and HoopChalk, and encourages you to reach him via Twitter (@armstrongwinter) or e-mail (john.armstrong.winter@gmail.com).

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Green Over Barnes in Fourth Quarter Highlight of Nothing New in Warriors Loss

The Warriors didn't lose last night for any one reason.  A desperate Utah Jazz team exploited Golden State with unmatched energy and supreme activity on both ends that was emblematic of their current state – the Jazz are playing for their postseason lives.  The Warriors didn't need that urgency yesterday, and won't need it at all unless they endure a season-ending collapse of truly historic proportions. Gol ...

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Impact of Danilo Gallinari Injury on Warriors

Denver Nuggets do-everything forward Danilo Gallinari suffered a no-contact knee injury in last night's win over the Dallas Mavericks.  Initial reports from team doctors suggest Gallinari – who told sources he "heard a pop" – has a loose ligament in his left knee, a likely indication of a torn ACL.  He'll undergo a MRI this morning to fully determine the extent of his injury. Update: Gallinari tore his left ...

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Expecting and Appreciating the Real David Lee

David Lee is a basketball enigma. He's somewhere between elite and below-average athletically.  He's a black-hole and a point forward.  He's left-handed but finishes equally well in the paint with his right.  His effort superficially fluctuates on a possession to possession basis.  He's the league-leader with 50 double-doubles but hardly seems it.  He's his team's lone All-Star despite the fact he's its sec ...

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Andrew Bogut’s Increased and Surprising Impact

Andrew Bogut's much anticipated and finally extended on-court Golden State debut was supposed to take the Warriors to another level in the Western Conference.  From low seed to high seed, thorn to knife, pretender to contender.  Golden State was winning without him, after all, and his clear two-way superiority to Festus Ezeli and Andris Biedrins made it easy to assume his addition would be just that – a siz ...

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Is Curry’s 2013 Best Three-Point Shooting Season Ever?

Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in the world.  Warriors fans have known this since his rookie season and college basketball fans knew it back in March 2008, when Curry single-handedly took a ragtag group of scholars from Davidson College within inches of the Final Four.   So his proficiency as a shot-maker this season shouldn't surprise on the surface; as far as pure shooting goes, he's been one of ...

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Warriors Defense Suddenly Better Than Ever

"The Warriors will be ripe first round prey by season's end.  This once-solid defense is forever broken..." That was me, ever knowing and prescient, in a 5-on-5 for ESPN.com that was published on back on March 8th.  At the time we had no reason to believe otherwise; those words were hardly bold or incendiary.  Golden State's defense was gashed in February the way we thought it could be all season long, a ne ...

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The B-Side of Tanking

The Warriors tanked last season. Now that it's happened and they've reaped the benefits there's no point in overlooking it, nothing the league can do to retroactively to sanction them and nothing anyone needs to apologize for publicly or privately.  And it's that time of year again, as March turns into April and playoff births are clinched, meaning the league's bottom-dwellers will begin to "play" for draft ...

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Context Vexes for the Warriors

  There's something to be said for winning ugly.  For pulling victory from the jaws of defeat when a team's collective back is against the wall of poor shooting, uninspired defense or just general malaise.  And the Warriors did it last night as they have many times this season, beating the lowly but recently game Sacramento Kings 87-83 at Oracle Arena. But there's another side of the coin, too, the second, ...

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