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Jack Winter is a 24 year-old Bay Area import. Having grown up in Kansas City without an NBA team to root for, his Warriors fandom is complicated. He loves help defense, extra passes, and the additional efficiency of corner three-pointers. After recently relocating from San Francisco to Oakland, he's an avid and tireless defender of the East Bay. He contributes to ESPN TrueHoop sites Hardwood Paroxysm, Magic Basketball, and HoopChalk, and encourages you to reach him via Twitter (@armstrongwinter) or e-mail (john.armstrong.winter@gmail.com).

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Steph Curry The Passer

Steph Curry is a better shooter than he is a passer.  Considering he's the best shooter in the world, of course, that's hardly a slight.  If Curry's playmaking ability matched his range-less marksmanship  his dominance – and that's what it is already, as he's shown in the last three games – would know no bounds. But the point remains that his rapid ascent to superstardom is marked mostly by 30-foot bombs an ...

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Steph Curry: Superstar?

Everyone can see a superstar; that makes them what they are. Think of LeBron James at full-blast, chasing down a block on one end and flying down the floor to finish an alley-oop at the other.  A Kobe Bryant fadeaway as the fourth quarter's clock winds down.  Carmelo Anthony jab-stepping his defender in isolation.  Chris Paul expertly toying with the ball for no apparent reason at the top of the key. These ...

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I’m a Warriors Fan?

We're born into true sports fandom. I'm from Kansas City – I cheer for the Chiefs and, begrudgingly, the Royals.  My family tree is dominated on either side by University of Kansas students – I'm a Jayhawk.  And that's it.  There's been nobody else.  I believe in sports monogamy. I didn't choose it that way, but that doesn't mean I can imagine anything else.  The heartbreaks, thrills, and varying degrees of ...

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Simple Pick-and-Roll Adjustment Keys Warriors Win

Harrison Barnes.  Small-ball.  65% shooting.  131 points.  And a series headed back to The Bay tied at 1-1. It's never that simple.  Basketball isn't arithmetic and the box score never tells the whole story.  So despite Barnes' career performance as Mark Jackson's nominal starting power forward, the real means behind the Warriors win is far more layered than that. We at Warriors World have been staunch advo ...

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On Harrison Barnes As Small-Ball 4

David Lee's season-ending injury assures at least these two things: a starting spot for Carl Landry and increased playing time for Draymond Green.  Both development present major complications to the Warriors first round quest against the Denver Nuggets, obviously, but Landry's consistently solid play means Golden State may not miss much opening games.  Rather, it's the trickle-down effect presented by Lee' ...

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It’s Probably San Antonio

It looks like San Antonio. Things were going so well for the Warriors early Friday night.  The Clippers won, increasing their slim chances of overtaking Denver and Memphis for the 3-seed.  The Nuggets lost an overtime game in Dallas, too, and though Memphis scraped by with a hard-fought win it was at the hands of Houston, Golden State's charging nemesis for the 6-seed and avoiding the Oklahoma City or San A ...

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A Guide to Cheering from a Warriors Playoff Perspective on a Busy Friday Night

If it wasn't clear already, after last night it's ever-obvious the Warriors need to avoid the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.  The same should be said of the San Antonio Spurs; banged up or not, it's hard to imagine Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan failing to will this underrated group to the second round. That's not revelatory.  The Thunder and Spurs are on a short list of top-tier t ...

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This Is Success… For Now

Success is achieved on a case-by-case basis in the NBA.  Most organizations won't admit to that veritable fact, instead repeating a tired trope that the ultimate goal is a championship, and a season ending with anything less is a different step in the process of failure.  But the players know it.  Coaches know it.  Owners know it.  And fans – definitely fans – know it, too. Because the Warriors aren't winni ...

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