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New Player Tracking Stats Highlight Areas to Address in Warriors Camp

With training camp slated to start a week from today on September 30, the official Steve Kerr era of Golden State Warriors basketball is just around the corner. Kerr clearly has a roster that he believes in since he chose to turn down a position with his own Hall of Fame mentor Phil Jackson and also was a known proponent of not including Klay Thompson in any trade for Kevin Love. It will be very interesting ...

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Painting the Picture of the Bob Myers Extension

A week ago today, it was reported by a source close to the San Jose Mercury News that Warriors GM Bob Myers signed a three-year contract extension to remain with the team through the 2017-18 NBA season. What a meteoric rise it has been for Myers since he was first hired as Assistant GM back in April 2011. Taking a look back at all the front office transactions in his short tenure, it is clear to see why Mye ...

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Grading Steph Curry and Klay Thompson Through FIBA World Cup Group Play

By: Drew Kells After cruising through five easy games and winning Group C in the FIBA World Cup, USA will now prepare to take on Mexico in the Round of 16 on Saturday. The road thus far has been fairly smooth for the Americans, with one bump along the way in the first half of Game 2 against Turkey. Finding themselves right in the thick of things are Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, who have emerged as two of ...

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