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Are The Warriors “True Title Contenders?”

By Ken Cheng Despite the plethora of statistical evidence illustrating just how much the Warriors’ offense has improved – evidence made super easy to understand by the long list of league-wide first place rankings they currently own – there remains a pervasive skepticism about the team’s viability as “true title contenders” among a certain segment of the NBA watching population. Various national media membe ...

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Top 7 Warriors’ Moves In The Joe Lacob Era

By: Yama Hazheer Larry Ellison was the favorite to buy the Golden State Warriors in 2010 when Chris Cohan finally decided to sell the team. Cohan was a notoriously bad owner. Joe Lacob and Peter Guber outbid Ellison and the franchise was sold for $450 million. Lacob was a season ticket holder for the Warriors before he bought the team. He was a part-owner of the Boston Celtics when they won their 17th NBA C ...

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Warriors Trade Deadline Special: Does A Deal Need To Be Made?

By Jared Williams With the 2016 Presidential election beginning approximately one year from now, this trade deadline article will be the antithesis to a campaign speech. There won’t be any infeasible statements -no unrealistic promises. The number of roster transactions the Warriors will make before the trade deadline (this Thursday) will most likely equal the amount of basketball fans who genuinely dislike ...

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Win Tickets To Watch The Warriors Face The Spurs At Oracle

All-Star Weekend was good to the Warriors. The Splash Brothers were both starters and Steve Kerr was on the sidelines in Madison Square Garden. Steph Curry is the reigning Foot Locker 3-PT Shooting Champion and Klay Thompson unveiled his signature shoe with Anta. Now, the Warriors return to the Bay and enjoy another few days of rest before they face the defending NBA Champions. The San Antonio Spurs return ...

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Are The Warriors Missing A Piece To The Puzzle?

By: Yama Hazheer The Warriors are making it known that they are legitimate title contenders in the league. No longer looked upon as solely a jump-shooting team, the Warriors have made significant strides defensively. Helping lead the team into becoming the best defense in the league, Steve Kerr and Ron Adams are two names that draw league-wide attention to the Bay Area. The basic offensive game plan of last ...

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Warriors News: Steph Curry Wins Three Point Contest

All-Star Saturday is arguably the best part of the weekend. This year, the Foot Locker 3-PT Contest was easily the most anticipated event of the evening and that hasn't always been the case. This year's contest is likely the most impressive field of contestants we've ever seen, which includes Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Both Splash Brothers were able to advance to the next round, so two of the three fina ...

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Steph Curry News: Jersey Sales Booming In NY

By: Yama Hazheer The Warriors star point guard isn’t only popular on the West Coast. Steph Curry is becoming a household name across the country. You can even argue that Curry's popularity is also reaching international levels, making him the fastest rising star in the NBA. You can gage a player's popularity by the amount of jerseys that are bought this his last name on the back. According to Rusty Simmons ...

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Dear Kirk Lacob: An Open Letter From A Warriors Fan

By: Jared Williams Dear Kirk Lacob, I’ve always found open letters so paradoxical. Real physical letters are read after unsealing an envelope; this open letter will be read on the grand capital of openness: the internet. Nevertheless, I feel like Warriors fans don’t know who you are. If you were a standard NBA Assistant General Manager my research on you would stop at your Twitter bio, but you happen to be ...

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