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Warriors World Roundtable: Reaction to Shaun Livingston Signing

Thoughts on Livingston deal? Danny Leroux: While some may gripe about the size of the contract, it is a strong signing for the Warriors. Primary ballhandlers are extremely important in today’s NBA, as we saw with a Spurs team that always plays one and usually two of them. Except for the one Jarrett Jack season, the Warriors have basically only had Curry his entire Warriors career and suffered the consequenc ...

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Shaun Livingston Fills Warriors Point Guard Need With 3 Year Deal

The Warriors have been looking for a backup point guard to come off the bench and provide some depth for some time now. Steph Curry is obviously the starter, but the Warriors needed someone they can count on while Curry is on the bench and can run the offense efficiently. The Warriors traded for Steve Blake last season, but he didn't pan out like they had hoped and it doesn't look like they are bringing him ...

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Warriors News: Luke Walton Will Join Kerr’s Coaching Staff

Steve Kerr's coaching staff is almost complete, but there is still room to add a couple more assistants. Kerr's staff already has some impressive names on board, but he might be looking to add a fellow Arizona Wildcat. Luke Walton was rumored to be interested in joining the Warriors' staff and according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, both sides are finalizing a deal that will officially make Walton ...

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Warriors News: Bob Meyers Meets With Spencer Hawes

      After being one of the most active teams leading up to the draft, the Golden State Warriors have taken a backseat and are letting everything unfold. The Warriors have been linked to a few free agents, but not much past that. The Warriors could very likely be waiting to pounce on the right deal, but for now we must sit and wait. The Warriors won't be able to attract a big name free agent ...

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Writers Roundtable: Warriors Off-Season Projections

One Trade to improve the Warriors this off-season? Danny Leroux: Acquiring Kevin Love. The Warriors would like to do this without Klay Thompson because he is their best asset the team would consider trading but I sincerely doubt the Wolves ship away their franchise player this summer without Klay being a part of the deal. Assuming Klay gets included eventually, I would like to see Zach LaVine come to the Ba ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: Free Agency Is Finally Upon Us

  Free agency has officially begun and now the real fun starts. The free agent market has some big name stars like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but this free agent class also has some formidable options that any NBA team would love to have. The Warriors are rumored to have interest in several free agents, but the Warriors could also wait for the free agent market to clear up so they can pursue tra ...

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Warriors News: Kerr Looking To Add Luke Walton To Coaching Staff

Steve Kerr is coming into this NBA season with high expectations and it's only his first year as an NBA head coach. The Warriors wanted to surround Kerr with plenty of experience on his coaching staff and so far they have done a masterful job. They have been able to steal Alvin Gentry from the Clippers and Ron Adams from the Celtics. Both are NBA coaching veterans and considered some of the best assistants  ...

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Warriors World Forum Roundup: The Waiting Game Is Boring

Free agency cannot get here soon enough. After all the NBA Draft hype, not much has happened in the last couple of days for the Golden State Warriors. A few trades have happened, but the big splash has not happened yet. Like most other teams, the Warriors are waiting for free agency to begin so the dominos will start falling. The NBA landscape is a bit blurry right now, but in a few weeks we will know which ...

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