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Warriors News: Steve Kerr Wins Rudy Tomjanovich Award

It's award season in the NBA. With most of them already announced, the NBA MVP is the big one that everybody is waiting for and hopefully they get it right and award it to Stephen Curry. Draymond Green and Steve Kerr both were snubbed, so at the very least they can get the MVP award right. The Warriors have bigger things to worry about than individual awards, but it is nice to be recognized for your hard wo ...

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Steph Curry News: Justin Rose Inspired By The Splash Bro

The Golden State Warriors can now relax and prepare for their Western Conference Semi-Finals matchup against either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Portland Trail Blazers. The Warriors have all this time on their hands because they swept the Pelicans in the opening round, but if it was not for Steph Curry's heroics in Game 3, this series could still be alive. -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- ...

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Warriors News: Santa Cruz D-League Affiliate Wins Title

The Warriors took care of business against the Pelicans in Game 4 of their opening round series. Now, they get to go back home to the Bay Area and await the winner of the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers. In the mean time, the Warriors will get some much needed rest as they prepare for the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Steph Curry and company are not the only Warriors playing for a champio ...

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Instant Recap: Warriors Win 109-98, Sweep Pelicans 4-0

1st Quarter Anthony Davis was the first to get on the board for either team, but Draymond Green scored five quick points, but the Pelicans went on a roll and they took a five point lead after baskets from Omer Asik and Eric Gordon. For the Warriors, it was the Steph Curry and Green show. They proceeded to hit the next four baskets for a total of 10 points, which gave the Warriors a four point lead. Davis th ...

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Warriors News: Tyreke Evans Thinks Pelicans Are Better Team

The Warriors and Pelicans arguably played the most exciting fourth quarter of the post-season. After being down 20 in the fourth, the Warriors battled back and tied the game with a miraculous shot from Steph Curry. This is the first time the Pelicans are in the post-season and it showed in Game 3. The Pelicans could taste the victory, but they made some rookie mistakes down the stretch. Now, the Pelicans fa ...

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Athletes, Celebrities React To Steph Curry’s Amazing Shot

By now, everybody has seen Steph Curry hit that miracle three point shot from the corner to tie the game against the New Orleans Pelicans. A foul should have been called, but the referees swallowed their whistle. It didn't take away from the amazing shot Curry was able to knock down. -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- Twitter blew up and everybody reacted to Curry's heroic three. Here's some ...

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Instant Recap: Curry’s Heroics Help Warriors Beat Pelicans 123-119

1st Quarter Anthony Davis got the game started with a quick bucket, but Klay Thompson came right back to take the lead with a three point bucket. Eric Gordon quickly came back with a triple of his own, plus another two point shot from Davis. It was Steph Curry's turn to join the three point party and he cut the lead to one with his bucket from long distance. It was raining in New Orleans and Curry helped th ...

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Draymond Green Gets Most 1st Place Votes, Still Loses DPOY

The Golden State Warriors finished the season with a record of 67-15, officially placing themselves in the history books as one of the best regular season teams of all time. The Warriors flourished on the basketball court and they made it look easy. -== 7 Reasons Why Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP ==- You would think that type of success would be recognized, but now it seems not too many people were watching ...

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