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Warriors Win…………coin flip

According to Matt Steinmetz on Twitter. Warriors win coin flip with Wizards, land 4th spot. "Warriors win coin toss with Wizards, will be slotted fourth going into next month's draft lottery #NBA #GSW" Updated with odds and why winning the flip is a big flipping deal. 'top X pick' meaning the pick at the Xth spot and all spots higher than that odds at the top pick: win toss - 11.9% lose toss - 8.8% odds at ...

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10 Things The Warriors Are Good At

As compiled by the fans.....Name one good thing the warriors are good at 10. Paying coaches who are no longer coaching 9. Letting trade exceptions expire 8. Scouting the D-League 7. Paying bench players as if they were starters 6. Allowing opposing teams bench players to compile career highs 5. Kicking ass in Summer League 4. Playing well in April after they are out of the playoffs 3. Developing All-Stars f ...

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NBA Franchise Intervention

I know this probably opens opportunities to poke fun at myself for making this comparison, but the hiring of GSP reminds me of the HGTV's show, Real Estate Intervention. The premise for that show parallels our current Warriors sale situation. A home / franchise owner is trying to sell their house but just can't come to grips with the reality of the market, what their home / franchise is really worth, and ne ...

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Warriors play scrappy ‘We Believe’ defense, fall to Lakers 124-118

Steals, blocks, capitalizing on turnovers with easy buckets on the other end is what characterized the 'We Believe' teams defense. The Warriors won't hold the other team to a low scoring effort, nor do they frequently get a stop when needed, but they do play a brand of defense that can be exciting. Last night's game against the Lakers was an example of Warriors defense. 9 steals, 10 blocks, 5 of them by Ran ...

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Close Loss To Rockets Causes Fans To Question Nellie

A sampling of fan feedback to the close loss last night to the Rockets. Nellie's first game back after a 2 week bout with pneumonia.  The Warriors were rolling in the 3rd quarter and early 4th then questionable substitutions and lineups in the 4th took a winnable home game and turned it into a frustrating loss. Tim Kawakami covers this topic in blog this morning as well. For fans, it's a head scratcher. Fro ...

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Fans Weigh In On The Jackson Mess

Frequent contributor FlashFire weighs in on the Jackson mess. There's a lot more than just one problem here, and it doesn't excuse Jackson at all. Cohan and Rowell are the two biggest ones as long as they're still here. That should be understood as a default by anyone who's been a Warriors fan even if they jumped on board during the "We Believe" thing. Jackson's whole attitude shift is a direct result of th ...

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