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Beating New York 92-78

Great game last night from the dubs, and we have fan reaction from folks at the game and those on the couch. From behind the Knicks bench... PNQ weighs in. Ish: I hate this guy's game. With a passion. But he produces results... he's our energy guard. Unfortunately we still don't have a backup PG though. Jenkins: slow as HELL. Looked OK against Sacto, but they are slow as hell too. But against Douglas, this ...

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Warriors Win Kwame Brown Lottery

In a shocking turn of events, the Warriors win the 2011-2012 Kwame Brown lottery. Much like the lottery of ancient Greece where the winners were sent into the labyrinth to be food for the Minotaur, the Warriors have come out on top. When pressed for comment, the prior winners, just before the announcement of the move to golden state, had this to say.... "I wouldn't speak to Kwame Brown to spit on him, he is ...

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Warriors Tap Former STH Of The Game To Be CFO

Warriors named Marty Glick as their new CFO, this wouldn't normally be interesting news except that 1) there is currently nothing else to talk about and 2) Mary Glick was named Golden State Warriors Season Ticket Holder of the game back on November 9th of 2006.  Being the STH is a great honor bestowed only upon those that either have tickets for decades, or really expensive seats.   Glick first became a sea ...

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Free Draftstreet Daily League Tonight $150 In Prizes

My team is drafted, is yours? Tonight we have our free $150 in prize money Draftstreet fantasy game. This isn't an April Fools prank. Draftstreet is putting up the cash and letting us play for free. You have a 100k salary cap to draft an 8 player team. I picked up Dwight Howard for $20k, Chris Paul for another 18k, and rounded out my stars with Garnett, Bogut and Ray Allen.  That team plus a few scrubs thro ...

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