We are in the dog days of summer and basketball season feels so far away. Even training camp won’t happen until September, 24th, so what can we do in the meantime? If you’re like me, you are definitely looking forward to defending your Fantasy Football title. It’s that time of the year again to start researching so you can dominate the draft and this upcoming season.

Who doesn’t love fantasy sports? Even NBA, MLB and NFL players are getting in the mix. More notably, some former Warriors are not only playing fantasy sports, but they are partnering with Humbyl, the hottest fantasy sports app using cryptocurrency.

“We are very thankful and grateful for all of the support we received from a couple of former Golden State Warriors such as one of the “We Believe” Greats Jason Richardson, Ekpe Udoh along with Seth Curry”

Here’s what Humbyl is all about:

Humbyl is a decentralized fantasy sports platform centered around its own utility token, the Humbyl Coin (HBL). This coin has cash value and is used to play globally without the need or danger of relying on a third party server for transactions.

Plus, with their connections to NBA and NFL athletes allows them to hold these contests with celebrity involvement, improving the game for everyone. Other athletes like Lamar Odom, Patrick Chung, Nonito Donaire and Kyle Kuzma are already on board and ready to hold their own contests with fans. Humbyl will also be awarding their users on a yearly basis, allowing their users who defeated Humbyl’s sports celebrity partners a face-to-face meeting with the Athletes at their Humbler’s Awards Event. The app itself is scheduled to release later this in September this year.

Humbyl will dominate the market once it is released and if you’re like me, you can see a good opportunity when you see one:

“Fantasy Sports is already a proven concept with Fanduel and Draftkings. What we are doing here is just simplifying and globalizing the Fantasy sports world with one Global Currency with Humbyl Coin.”

If you are interested in getting ahold of the Humbyl Coin, check the link below. Keep in mind that there is a limited number of tokens available and that earlier purchases are rewarded with bonus tokens.

instagram – @humbylcoin

So what do you think about a celebrity-endorsed fantasy sports platform? Are there any major names you hope to see join the Humbyl roster? Comment below.