The Golden State Warriors are the most dominant team in the NBA right now, and players realize how special it is to play for such a transcendent squad.

With so much of their payroll tied up in their superstars, the Warriors need to rely on rookie contracts and veteran minimum deals to fill out the rest of their roster.

JaVale McGee has played the previous two seasons making the minimum salary, and it appears as though he’s fine with that if it means staying in this phenomenal situation.

Chris Haynes of ESPN has a great story about McGee’s desire to stay with the team he has won back-to-back championships with.

McGee says that he hasn’t thought about playing for any other team and wants to stay with the Warriors for the rest of his career.

McGee is going to turn 31 next season, so he easily has at least 4-5 seasons left in the tank if he wants to keep playing.

McGee said that the moment he realized he wanted to remain with this team for the rest of his career was in this year’s NBA Finals.

He said that the cohesion the lineup had was remarkable and that he wants to continue having that type of fun out on the court.

McGee not only heaped praise on his teammates and the organization but also the Warriors fanbase and the city of Oakland.

Besides McGee, the Warriors are looking at an offseason in which Kevin Durant, Nick Young, Zaza Pachulia, David West, Kevon Looney, and Patrick McCaw are free agents.

Some of these players are bigger question marks to return than others as the free agency period looms just around the corner.

Durant has said he wants to re-sign with the Warriors, and the team has gone out of its way to imply that he’ll assuredly be back.

West is contemplating retirement, and with back-to-back rings, he could very well decide to go out on top instead of coming back to play a season in which he’ll be 38 years old.

Young played on the mid-level exception last season, and it appears unlikely that the team would have him back at that type of figure.

They might wish to look elsewhere to use that mid-level exception next season, meaning Young’s future with the team is definitely in question.

Their role player free agents are going to have to take discounts just because of the team’s payroll situation, meaning other teams could offer them more money.

McGee showing such enthusiasm for returning to the Warriors is a welcome sign given the role he can play on this team.

He’s one of the most athletic rim protectors in the league and is great at finishing lobs thrown to him around the hoop.

He has found his niche on this team these last two seasons. The coaching staff always finds ways to utilize his talents.

McGee could make more money elsewhere, but clearly, he prioritizes winning and being in a fun environment. The Warriors offer both factors to their players.