The Golden State Warriors held their third championship parade in the last four years today through downtown Oakland.

As an introduction, there was a brief Q&A session with some players, coaches, and executives before the parade began.

Double-decker buses carried the players as well as their friends and family through the blocked-off parade route.

The players all had a great time. Nick Young began the parade wearing just shorts, a robe, and a couple chains. He also officially changed his nickname from Swaggy P to Swag Champ in honor of his new ring.

McGee also took off his shirt eventually and ditched the bus with Young to go wandering around the crowd with Young.

Officials are making early estimates that as many as 1 million fans showed up to Oakland to cheer the newest NBA dynasty. The Warriors set to play just one more season in Oakland before moving to their new arena in San Francisco.

Other players got off their busses and interacted with fans also. Jordan Bell even took a bottle of Hennessy from a person in the crowd.

It’s a team full of guys who genuinely enjoy each other’s company and it translates to a fantastic brand of basketball.

Yes, winning cures all ills, but it’s evident that these players have an immense amount of love and appreciation for one another regardless.

Warriors fans are really lucky that they’re getting to witness this type of greatness. Dominance like this doesn’t come along very often in professional sports.

After the decades of dysfunction and turmoil, it’s remarkable to take a step back and really absorb that this franchise has now won 3 championships in the last 4 years.

Parades like these are a chance for players, fans, coaches, and executives to celebrate an incredible achievement. It’s also a perfect motivator to do it again next year.