A parade for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors will be held in Oakland tomorrow for the third time in four years.

Fans are becoming accustomed to devoting a day in June to celebrate one of the most talented squads in NBA history.

This gathering is supposed to be slightly different than the previous ones, though. There’s not going to be a rally held at the end of the parade route this time.

If the reason for the omission is that the players have already said everything they have to say regarding the drive towards a championship in previous years, it’s certainly a good problem for a team to have.

The parade is going to begin at 11:00 am. It will start at Broadway and 11th, then turn right onto 20th, then turn right onto Harrison, then turn left onto 19th, and then turn right onto Lakeside where it’ll continue until Oak and 13th.

Fans can line up for the parade beginning at 6:30 am. BART is going to be running rush-hour service all day to accommodate the large crowds of fans.

Organizers are highly recommending that people utilize public transportation since parking options are severely limited in the area.

It’s important to not take this success for granted, despite the fact that this will now be the third parade in four years.

Never become immune to recognizing how remarkable it is to win an NBA championship and that runs like this are extremely rare in any professional sport.

There’s going to be a lot of people in that crowd who remember all the painful 20-win seasons and the lineups consisting of “marquee” players like Donyell Marshall, Erick Dampier, and Troy Murphy (much respect to the icons of my childhood who helped introduce me to Warriors basketball at a young age; it wasn’t always pretty, but it was fun).

This franchise has come a long way. The parade is an opportunity for fans to reflect on that journey and help the players, coaches, and executives celebrate reaching the pinnacle of the basketball world once again.