It might not be the best negotiation tactic, but sometimes loyalty and a show of appreciation are more beneficial in the long run. The Golden State Warriors have tipped their hand and shown Kevin Durant just how much they value him.

After winning their second straight championship with him on the roster, the Warriors have boldly proclaimed how truly invaluable they consider him to be.

General manager Bob Myers is saying that he expects negotiations with Durant to be remarkably swift this offseason. Myers went so far as to say that the organization is prepared to offer Durant however much money he wants.

The max contract that Durant could sign with the team this offseason is 4 years and about $160 million since the Warriors hold his Early Bird Rights.

Durant has not been coy about his desire to stay with the Warriors. He has long been expected to re-sign with the team this summer.

It’s going to be interesting to see if he signs for the max or if he leaves some money on the table to help with payroll flexibility.

Stephen Curry signed the super-max last offseason after his previous 4-year contract worth $44 million expired. That deal was famously noted as being perhaps the best bargain in the NBA, given Curry’s two MVP wins during the deal’s duration.

After playing for way below market value all those years, Curry deserved to be paid as handsomely as the collective bargaining agreement allowed.

Durant has also previously sacrificed earnings to be a member of this team. It could very well be time for that selflessness to be rewarded.

Salary cap rules allow for teams to exceed the cap in order to retain their players. The team would just be on the hook for any luxury tax threshold they pass due to the deal.

The ownership group has stressed that they’re willing to pay any sum of money to keep this nucleus of players together.

The team is going to be well over the cap and have to pay luxury taxes regardless if Durant signs a max contract or scrapes a bit off the top.

He’s worth every penny. He’s a transcendent player in this league who has helped the squad win multiple championships now.

Myers is absolutely correct when he says that Durant has earned the right to dictate the negotiation process and deserves whatever sum.

The organization is well aware of how the formula works at this point. The stars eat up the vast majority of the payroll and the roster is filled out mainly by minimum contracts and rookie deals.

It has proven to be a successful way to build a championship squad. Durant’s impact on the Warriors is immeasurable. They should give him any contract he wants.

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