Since the Golden State Warriors started their four-year run of post-season appearances, demand has steadily grown. And this year, demand is so high that the average asking price on the secondary market for a ticket to see the Warriors play in Oakland in the Western Conference Finals is the highest of any NBA team this decade, according to

At $1,197, the average asking price for Warriors tickets is $302 higher than the previous most expensive – seats at last year’s Western Conference Final in Houston ($895). A ticket to the 2017 conference final in Oakland was $688 on the secondary market, down from the previous high of $792 in 2016.

Overall, the Warriors-Rockets series will cost fans an average of $1,025, beating out the previous league-wide high of $769, set in 2016 for the Warriors-Oklahoma Thunder series. Tickets to see games in Houston are averaging $895 on the secondary market, and the average asking price for a ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals is $657.

The highest average asking price for a game in Oakland this year is $1,291 for Game 3. That isn’t the highest average asking price for a single game during the series, though. The if-needed Game 7 in Houston currently checks in at $1,433, making it the most expensive. But prices in Oakland are, on average, higher. After Game 3, here’s a look at current average asking prices: if-needed Game 6: $1,266 and Game 4: $1,034. Get-in prices range from a low of $185 for Game 4 to $226 for Game 3.

Inventory at Oracle Arena on the secondary market is moderate, with between 1,400-2,050 tickets remaining per game.

Since 2015, the Warriors have commanded four of the six highest prices for the Western Conference Finals.

The Warriors-Rockets series, which is a rematch of the 2015 Western Conference Finals, starts Monday night at Houston.