One of the prolonging storylines this postseason for the Golden State Warriors is the health of Stephen Curry. There’s an update related to his activity over the next handful of days.

According to Mark Medina, Curry is going to travel with the Warriors as they head to San Antonio for games 3 and 4 against the Spurs.

Curry will be rehabbing his sprained MCL and gets to cheer on his fellow teammates as they seek to wrap up the series. Curry is set to be re-evaluated on April 21, and game 4 is on April 22.

It’s hard not to notice the stark juxtaposition between Curry’s approach to his rehab and Kawhi Leonard’s behavior during his rehab process.

Leonard is currently rehabbing in New York away from the Spurs. The belief around the league is that he’s not going to return this postseason.

There are some major differences between the Curry and Leonard injuries in terms of context, the major one being that Curry was never expected to miss the entire postseason. Perhaps Leonard feels as if there’s no need to keep in close contact with his team if his season is essentially over.

There’s a profound sense that the full story behind Leonard’s bizarre absence hasn’t yet been told, and perhaps the situation will become more clear as more is learned.

Even if they aren’t playing in the game, the mere presence of a superstar on the sideline supporting his teammates makes a tremendous impact on team chemistry and morale.

It’s abundantly evident that Curry’s teammates love him, and that he would do everything in his power to ensure he was there to support them.

This whole ordeal isn’t a good look for Leonard, who would help his own cause immensely by making some type of statement explaining his absence.

Even if there wasn’t a realistic chance of Leonard returning this postseason, it seems weird that he wouldn’t be invested enough in his team to be on the sidelines cheering them on.

The Warriors are looking forward to Curry’s return to the lineup, which will have to wait until one of the future rounds, assuming the Warriors advance.