It’s been busy start to the off-season for the Golden State Warriors. They’ve re-signed most of their primary targets, including Steph Curry, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

The Warriors are still looking to finalize their roster and players like Zaza Pachulia, Ian Clark and JaVale McGee are free agents looking for the best possible deal, which quit frankly won’t be coming from the Warriors with all the money being tied up elsewhere.

However, the Warriors will need to be creative with their remaining roster spots because they’ve paid yet another key player. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, Kevin Durant and the Warriors have agreed to a two-year deal for $53 Million:

This came as quite a surprise to the basketball world. We all knew Durant was willing to take a pay-cut, but not one quite this large. Durant will be making $25 Million next season, nine million dollars less that what he could have made with a max contract. The pay-cut will allow the Warriors to save some money on the luxury tax and was a main reason why the Warriors were able to bring back Iguodala. Durant’s deal is for two seasons, but the second one does include a player option, so Durant could opt out after next season and re-negotiate.

Durant has made plenty of money throughout the course of his career, so this won’t break his bank account, but was it the right move? This works great for the Warriors, but ownership is the one that really comes out winning. Surely, the NBAPA isn’t too happy about this, but at least you can’t question Durant’s desire to win rings.