Everyone expected the Warriors to re-sign Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant this off-season. However, Shaun Livingston, David West and Andre Iguodala were bigger question marks.

Livingston was the first domino to fall. The 6-foot-7 point guard opted to take less money from the Warriors and return to potentially be part of a dynasty. Livingston could have gone elsewhere and made more money, but he decided winning championships is more important.

West was considering retirement, which was a surprise to some, but maybe the big man wanted to go out on top. How can you pass up another opportunity to win a title? That’s probably the question West had to ask himself after an entire career chasing a ring. The opportunity was too much to pass up and West will be back for what it looks to be his final year.

The last piece missing from the puzzle was Iguodala, who had been taking meetings with contenders like the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs. If the Warriors lost Iguodala they would still be favorites to win the NBA title next season, but there is no doubt they would miss him dearly.

Luckily for the Warriors, Iguodala didn’t make them wait for too long. On July 1st, Iguodala made his decision and took to Twitter to announce it in a very Iguodala way:

It’s tough to say if Iguodala was actually considering leaving the Warriors or if he was just trying to drive his price up, but whatever the case he was successful. It was reported that the Warriors’ initial offer didn’t guarantee a third year and was for substantially less money than we got.

The Warriors and Iguodala settled for a three year deal worth 48 million, a price the Warriors are happy to pay to get a Finals MVP and one of the best players coming off the bench in this league. Iguodala is so effective off the bench and one of the players that can guard LeBron James and cause him to struggle from time to time.

With Iguodala on board, the Warriors are set for the next several years. Who can beat this team? I can’t think of any team in this league that can even challenge them. We still have to play the game, but the Warriors and Dub Nation have to be feeling really good right about now.