The story of Steph Curry is incredible. Out of high school he has no Division 1 offers, not even from his dad’s alma mater, Virginia Tech. Why didn’t he get any offers? He was too small and skinny and would never make it at the next level.

Curry then attends Davidson, a school quite frankly that none of us had ever heard of until Curry took over March Madness with his ridiculous play. Davidson made it to the Elite 8 and Curry had proved to the world that not only did he belong with the best players in college basketball, he was even better.

Although his success in college provided Curry with relief, once he declared for the NBA, the doubters and skeptics would rise from the dead to provide the same analysis. Once again, Curry was too small and too fragile to be a good player at the next level. Fortunately for the Warriors, other NBA teams believed the skeptics and other point guards were taken before Curry, which allowed the Warriors to select him with the seventh overall pick.

Fast forward eight years and Curry is now a two-time MVP and a two-time NBA Champion. So much for those doubters and skeptics. Curry’s contract was up after this season and finally earned a big pay day. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Warriors have given Curry the richest contract in NBA history:

With the rise of the salary cap and the collective bargaining agreement which allows players who have stayed with their original team to sign super max extensions. Since Curry has been a Warrior his entire career, made the All-NBA teams and won the Most Valuable Player award, he was eligible for this super max extension that is worth a total of 201 million.

Curry is now the highest paid NBA player of all time. He is coming off a contract that was worth 44 million over four years. Now, Curry is making an average of 40 million a year. The kid that was too skinny to receive any scholarship offers and was passed up in favor of Ricky Rubio and Johnny Flynn is now the highest paid player in NBA history.

If you’re not inspired by Curry’s journey, you simply don’t have a heart. Curry has earned every penny and the scary part is that he is not done yet, he just barely scratched the surface.