Winning multiple NBA titles is a very difficult task to accomplish, but becoming a dynasty and winning several championships in a short period of time is nearly impossible. However, the Warriors have that opportunity with the current roster in place and the rest of the NBA is scrambling just to compete with the Dubs.

Don’t get me wrong, Adam Silver isn’t going to just hand over the the Larry O’Brien trophy, the Warriors will face some struggles along the way. Which is why it’s important for this team to stick together as long as possible.

With a couple Warriors exploring free agency, Dub Nation can at least relax knowing that one of them is definitely coming back. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, Shaun Livingston has agreed to come back to the Warriors on a 3-year deal worth 24 million:

Livingston left money on the table to come back to the Warriors. Here’s a guy who suffers a horrific injury early on in his career and never got his big pay day. He transforms himself and becomes a two time champion backing up Steph Curry. He finally gets his big pay day and passes it up in order to win more titles.

Livingston instantly becomes a Bay Area legend. Livingston isn’t worried about the dollars, he understands the Warriors have something special and wants to be part of it. Players like Livingston are rare and the Warriors and Dub Nation should express their gratitude for this man because what he did is not something we see in this business very often.