The great thing about the Warriors capturing their second title in three years is that other players are able to taste a champion for the first time. Most notability, players like Kevin Durant and Zaza Pachulia were overwhelmed with joy after finally winning the Larry O’Brien trophy.

You could tell that players like Steph Curry and Draymond Green were happy for their teammates who had never experienced this winning feeling. Out of everybody on the roster, you could argue that David West had been waiting the longest for this moment and to see him finally get it was an incredible sight to see.

After stops in New Orleans, Indiana and San Antonio, West finally accomplished the one goal that had escaped him for 14 years and delivered a memorable speech about the importance of winning championships. After spending some time with the family in Hawaii, David West appeared on the Open Run Podcast with Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis and talked about finally winning a title, the Chris Paul trade and his plans for next season.

As the podcast came to end, Williams and Producer Ben Cruz asked West about his plans for free agency and the big man had a surprising response:

“I’m thinking about it. I am kinda leaning towards playing again, probably just going to give it another few days or so… It’s one of those things, if I do keep playing it’s going to be out here because it’s such a great spot, I really enjoy the environment, I enjoy the vibe.”

Both Williams and Cruz were surprised to hear that West was seriously considering retirement. Most expected the big man to come back, it looks like he still has a couple good years left, especially with his role off the bench. Not to mention that the Warriors allow him the opportunity to potential add to his ring collection.

West gives the Warriors toughness in the interior and in spurts he can be an efficient offensive player. He’s not the All-Star caliber player he once was, but does give you good minutes off the bench. After spending 14 years chasing a title, it’s hard to imagine him walking away from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

4 Responses

  1. Frank Harris

    The warrios had one of the best home records this year. And home court is what matters. David west had traveled to so many teams first in the Texas area and now with the Warriors in CA. I guess getting a ring is not as easy as many think

  2. patchel

    Great news. David West still adds something as a role player and in the locker room is a great role model for the younger Dubs.