The Warriors entered the 2017 NBA Draft with no draft picks. You add the deepest lethal roster in recent memory, most Warrior fans were treating this day like it was any other day, while the rest of the NBA scrambled to catch up to the defending champs.

With the first round in the books, the Warriors were rumored to be interested in buying a second round pick. As the first second round picks came off the board, you knew the Warriors could get in the mix, but they would need to give up some cash.

The rumors were spot on, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, the Warriors bought the 38th pick from the Chicago Bulls and selected Jordan Bell. It didn’t come cheap, Marcus Thompson of The Mercury News reports that it cost the Warriors $3.5 million:

What an absolute steal for the Warriors. While some may think 3.5 million is a high asking price, Bell has first round talent who will walk into a situation where he will be asked to only showcase his strengths. A defender who is a force around the paint will give Ron Adams a young athletic body to play with.

Not only is Bell promising, but the Warriors are glad to pay the money for this energetic defender because he will be a relatively cheap contract in comparison to bringing in a free agent. You get young and an asset that will help you immediately.

Bell impressed with his play in NCAA Tournament and really helped his draft stock. While he is a little under sized, his motor will be apparent from Day 1. He gets to learn from Draymond Green, one of the favorites to win Defensive Player of the Year. If the Warriors do keep Andre Iguodala, it will be another elite defender Bell will get to go against in practice and learn all the tactics necessary to become an effective defender in his first year in the league.