It’s possible that the Golden State Warriors might face off with the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. That is assuming the Warriors can get past the Portland Trail Blazers and the Clippers can beat the young and talented Utah Jazz.

If it does happen, the Warriors will have at least two games in Los Angeles, but it can potentially be three. Who doesn’t love to spend time in Southern California? Beautiful weather and great food over the place. However, if you are craving tacos, there is only one place you need to go, Whac-A-Mole Tacos.

Our very own Steve Nash, has been known to be spotted at Pacific Park in the Santa Monica Pier whacking moles and eating those delicious tacos after a hard day of work.

In one case, the former MVP can be seen dressed completely as a mole man and claiming that he is the greatest whack a mole player of all time. In the video above, he claims never to have lost, but on that day he was defeated.

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles Area and want to potentially run into Nash who is Whack-A-Mole champion and give him a run for his money. Or if you want to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, play some fun games and was some good tacos, make sure you stop by Pacific Park and Whac-A-Mole Tacos.

This is serious stuff, so make sure you come ready to swing that hammer. If the Warriors do play the Clippers in the second round, maybe they can come and whack some moles to take a break from the stress of playoff basketball.