Oracle Arena is one of the best atmospheres in all of sports. When the Warriors are pouring it on and the crowd is going wild, no other NBA arena can match that energy.

Which is why home court advantage is so important to the Warriors. You don’t want to play a decisive game 7 on the road and the San Antonio Spurs understand that as well. Both the Warriors and Spurs have a 52-14 record, but since the Spurs have beat the Warriors twice, they own the tie breaker.

Home court advantage can decide the outcome of a series and the Warriors are hopeful the Oracle Arena atmosphere will follow the team to San Francisco when they make the Chase Center their new home. The Warriors still have to wait for the 2019-2020 season to officially move to the city, but the Warriors are already giving us a sneak peak.

Our very own Jordan Ramirez was given a tour of the Chase Center Experience. Here are some of the pictures collected by Ramirez:

As you can see, the Chase Center is impressive. It will have state of the art technology not seen in any other NBA arena. The luxury boxes look amazing and it looks like the Warriors focused on the fan experience. After all, it’s all about the fans, so it makes sense that they have emphasized on improving the fan experience.

Given how close the Warriors are to Silicon Valley, it’s a safe bet the technology will be second to none. Oracle Arena will forever be legendary place, but change is good and in this case it looks like the Chase Center will be quite the upgrade.

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