Life is funny sometimes. Just when you think everything is going your way, something happens to derail your plans and then you have to adjust accordingly.

On Tuesday night, the Warriors were just trying to get their 51st win of the season and then disaster struck. The game had literally just started and the Wizards were up 2-0 when Markieff Morris put up a shot that hit iron. Zaza Pachulia and Marcin Gortat were battling for position down low with Kevin Durant near by looking to grab the rebound as well.

In order to get better positioning, Gortat threw Pachulia to the floor. As he went back he collided with Durant’s knee and right away you knew something was wrong. Durant would not return to the game and all of Dub Nation had to patiently wait for the MRI results to know the severity of the injury.

Today, the Warriors officially announced the full extent of Durant’s injury. The Warriors official Twitter account tweeted this press release:

Durant suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain and a tibial bone bruise. According to the Warriors, there is no official timetable for his return, but will be re-evaluated in four weeks.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman tweeted that Durant would be out until the start of the postseason. However, the Warriors made it clear that there is still a chance that he could return before the end of the regular season.

This is obviously a huge blow for the Warriors, who will know be without their leading scorer for at least four weeks and maybe more. If you want to look at this from a glass half full perspective, it could have been a lot worse. At least Durant will be back when the Dubs will need him the most, the postseason. Obviously this makes things a bit more difficult, but at the very least he was not lost for the season.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will have to pick it up offensively, which shouldn’t be hard to do since they were doing it before Durant arrived this season. The goal is still to win the title, this is just another bump in the road they must overcome.

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